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Chanyeol 's pov

I took my daughter to hospital for her eyes treatment

I will make sure my princess get her sight back no matter what happens even if I have to loose my life for my daughter,,,

Dad I love you

Baby I love you too I have a trust that you can fight bby and get well

I waited till the surgery was over

Doctor is my princess well

Yes she is >but she will remain in the hospital till one week ends for her to recover

Anything as long as long as my daughter is fine

Now my princess will get to see

I was sitting on the hos when baek came

Chanyeol is our daughter gud

Yes bby just few days and she will see you

But  you spend a lot of money on her

Anything for our daughter

He hugged me tight and kissed me

I love you channie,, I tried to stop loving you but it was impossible

I love you bby


Yes bby tell me

Can we live together as a happy family I don't want to loose you

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