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Baek Hyun 's pov.

I went to the door I had faith that my husband will stop me but he didn't at all,,

Don't come back here again baekhyun

Don't you stress your self,, I always keep my word

I arrived outside and took a taxi to my house

I arrived home and find that my parents left to America they tried to communicate with me but they couldn't at all,,

I only have one place to go to my friend suho 's house

I arrived at his house and saw one girl driving a bicycle and his brother they look the same age as chanyeol' s children

They noticed and run to me and hugged me so tight

You are aunt baek right

Yes how do you two know me

My parents talk about you

When I saw lay and suho coming

My friend what a surprise

They hugged me tight

Lay I need your help

Anything for you baek don't cry

Can I stay here till I deliver while looking for a place to stay

What baek are you crazy you are always welcome to our house but what happen

I decided to leave that house

But why my friend

My husband 's kids think their dad will love my child and hate them so I got furious and shouted at them but they lied to their dad and I got annoyed and left,,,

Come in don't cry one day they will regret and need you

No I won't ever go their they can even kill my child or do something bad

Do you know what child you are carrying

No I have not done scanning

Well my husband is a doctor he will do scanning on you

Thank you lay

By the way you have cute kids they look like their dad

Yes and he loves us so much, my husband is the best in the world

You are lucky my friend I just pray to find a nice husband who loves me and my  child

I know you will get one

Aunt baek can you stay here we want to meet our cousin

Of course kids

Lay I want to give chanyeol a divorce please help me

Don't worry I will call our family lawyer and he will take care of everything

Thank you so much for helping me

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