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lap dance; chanbaek by JaeONE1
lap dance; chanbaekby heyahe™
who knew lap dances could bring two people together ? 💐 in which byun baekhyun, the so called nerd, has a little too much to drink and ends up wildin' 💐 2018
Don't leave me (Chanbaek fanfic) by Baekiiee
Don't leave me (Chanbaek fanfic)by Chanbaekk
He thought his life was perfect and couldn't be any better. It was until this guy appreared in his life.
Your Biggest Fan by chanaddict
Your Biggest Fanby -
[English] A BaekYeol/ChanBaek fanfiction. === Your orbs; i could drown in there by staring at it. Your smile; is the craziest thing in the whole world. Your kindest; mak...
do you really love me ? by chapangi
do you really love me ?by 𝗦𝗧𝗔𝗥𝗚𝗔𝗭𝗜𝗡𝗚
[COMPLETED] "Do you really love me?"Baekhyun questions as Chanyeol stood in front of him while Eunji leaves the scene and heads to the bedroom "I do"...
[english] park chanyeol's hidden son • chanbaek by Deerbabolti
[english] park chanyeol's hidden 『アブ』
[ ENGLISH / COMPLETED / MPREG × BXB × YAOI || • CHANBAEK / ORIGINALLY WRITTEN BY DEERBABOLTI ] I'm Byun Baekhyun, a single-parent who raised my own son named Byun Jespe...
The Untouchable by MimBintaMustafiz
The Untouchableby Mim Binta Mustafiz
Byun Baekhyun ,the son of mafia king of underworld of Seoul, is suffering from a posttraumatic stress following an unexpected event happened during his childhood. Proffe...
Living With The Enemy [Chanbaek | Baekyeol] by yeolallineed
Living With The Enemy [Chanbaek | YEOLALLINEED
[COMPLETED] It's the first day of college at the Royal School of Gifted Arts. After being bullied in his previous school for 2 years, Chanyeol has finally managed to cha...
Makeover (Chanbaek) [mpreg] by Baekiiee
Makeover (Chanbaek) [mpreg]by Chanbaekk
Byun Baekhyun, a nerd that crushes on Park Chanyeol who is the school's heartthrob but a playboy. When Baekhyun gets rejected and teased by his first love, his best fri...
hello stranger ; chanbaek by xiummieb
hello stranger ; chanbaekby hiatus
[COMPLETED] "I'm Byun Baekhyun, what about you?" Chanyeol stays quiet, making Baekhyun's lips form a thin line. "Well then, hello stranger." ...
Hurting an Angel ((EXO BxB)) by Wonzihao
Hurting an Angel ((EXO BxB))by B U N N Y
Trigger Warnings: Gay, Violence, Profanity, Crossdressing. Top!ChanyeolBottom!Baekhyun Top!JonginBottom!Kyungsoo Top!SehunBottom!Luhan Top!KrisBottom!Tao Top!JongdaeBott...
Love Contract by baek_hearts_yeol
Love Contractby baek_hearts_yeol
A top male celebrity gets involved in a love scandal when clearly he isn't. A novice nurse who only wanted to get a picture of an actor that came to the hospital he's wo...
The Porcelain Dolls (EXO OTP's) [Originally written by: sweetukissfan] by onychophagy
The Porcelain Dolls (EXO OTP's) [
Chanyeol, Kai and Sehun are three college students on their way home from a party when they discover 3 boys, hurt and injured in their apartment's basement car park. Wit...
So, I Married An Anti-fan [Chanbaek] || COMPLETED || by HHCB_Aeri12
So, I Married An Anti-fan [ Rina
Pairing : Chanbaek Language : English **Yaoi** Baekhyun and Chanyeol were in a relationship before Chanyeol did debut.Chanyeol broke up with Baekhyun when he was going t...
Being a Park [ ChanBaek | BaekYeol ] by Baekternity
Being a Park [ ChanBaek | Happiness Delight✨
The day when Byun became Park is also the day Baekhyun's life will change.
"Ah right.Why would you listen to me?I'm just a roommate." -CHANYEOL 'Of course not.You're not just a nobody.You're more than that.Way more than a roommate.'-B...
forced love ; chanbaek by xiummieb
forced love ; chanbaekby hiatus
[COMPLETED] Nothing wrong will happen between two people that hate each other under the same roof, right? highest: #44 in fanfiction. #16 in bae...
Destined by April_girl02
Destinedby April_girl02
Byun Baekhyun is a vampire attending a new school special for his supernatural kind. Park Chanyeol is a werewolf attending the same school. When darkness threatens the...
Yes, Daddy? // Chanbaek by malookink
Yes, Daddy? // Chanbaekby 𝕓𝕚𝕥𝕔𝕙♡
*b.bhboy posted a new pic* Chanyeol don't know who this boy is, but he knows that he soon will know it. !Warning! REALLY MUCH DADDY KINK SMUT NSFW NSFW PICS
Kanugrah [Chanbaek] by tiangmochi
Kanugrah [Chanbaek]by sal
2nd part of Lapangan🔒 Kalian tau ga kenapa Iyal ngasih nama pantinya Kanugrah? Kanugrah itu singkatan dari Anak itu Anugrah. Iya anugrah yang dititipin Tuhan buat kita...
Marriage with လံုးငယ္​ (Season 1) by naneikhin
Marriage with လံုးငယ္​ (Season 1)by naneikhin
Chanyeol-ငါ့မွာရည္​ရြယ္​ထားတဲ့သူ႐ွိတယ္​​ေလကြာ....လံုးငယ္​အာ့​ေတာ့မင္​းဘက္​ကျငင္​း​ေပးပါ... Baekhyun-Hyung Chan..ကိုက်​ေနာ္​ကိုယ္​တိုင္​လည္​းခ်စ္​သလို..က်​ေနာ္​ommaကိုလည္...