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Baek Hyun 's pov.

Sehun am so happy to be with you

Me too my puppy and I don't want us to be separated ever

I promise bby no one will ever separate us,,,

By the way how is work

It's getting better bby I want to buy a land and build for you a house and marry you

Are you serious

Yes bby am more than serious

I love you so much,, I kissed him on the lips and he hugged me so tight

I love you sehun please don't let anyone destroy our relationship

I love you bby now calm down and by the way I saw your friend at the mall earlier he seems sad


Yes bby can you go and find out what is happening to him


I left my boyfriends house and went to luhan 's place to see him crying

Oooh my friend why are you crying,,, I hugged him so tight,,,

What's up why are crying

Baek am so sorry

For what you can tell me what is bothering you even sehun saw you

I fall in love with the wrong person baek

Wait I don't get you

I love someone who belongs to someone else and when I told that person he rejected me

Who is that jerk I will teach him a lesson

No baek I feel better now,,

We started laughing when my phone started ringing loud

Hello who is this

Baek your visa was accepted and now next Monday you will travel to USA

Oooh my God I can't believe it. Finally my dream come true

What happens

Am going USA but am scared my boyfriend will break up with me lulu

No go to USA I will take care of sehun that is what friends are for

You are right please take care of my boyfriend make sure he doesn't cheat on me

I promise I will make sure no one steals your boyfriend from you at all

Thank you so much lulu

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