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Baek Hyun 's pov.

The doctor came immediately and put luhan on bed and he was crying out in pain,,

Doctor will he be okay

I can't say for now

I waited outside till the doctor came

Baek sorry but we couldn't save luhan' s child,,,

Even if he has hurt me so much I felt sad for him,,,

I went inside and hugged him

Am so sorry luhan

He pushed me till I fall down on the floor

You are the one who killed my child I know you poisoned my food don't you dare come near me or else I will kill you for sure

You know what,,,, you are an idiot after what you and sehun did to me I tried to forget and be nice with you but you know what that is karma you get for betraying me luhan,, keep on crying at least you know the pain of losing someone

I went outside to see chanyeol was on the door with shania

I walked past them when he said stop baek

What do you want chanyeol

Is it true you and my brother were lovers??

Yes very much in love satisfied??

Come with me we need to talk

He pulled my hand and made me sit in the car

I don't care if you and my brother were dating

I want you baek

Excuse me chanyeol am not your property and I don't want you at all so fuck off stop wasting my time,,,

Jesper loves you even shania told me everything they want you to be their mommy

Please baek think about it we will get married

Nothing to think about the least I want is to go far away from your house

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