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Baek Hyun 's pov

I was sleeping when hyuna started crying,,

I wake up immediately and make her sleep and she slept

Baek you have magic my daughter slept because of you,,,

Really sir

Yes and thank you now get some rest now I know you are tired.

I slept I wake up in the morning and saw sir was wearing clothes

Sir are you going out

Yes am going to my company I just forgot to tell you,,, I will come later to show you there

No sir it's okay

No it's not okay I will take you later now rest baek

I wake up to see its 10am

I brushed my teeth and went downstairs to see many employees working

Welcome ma'am what do you want to eat

Wait why are they calling me ma'am like am the boss here

Can I have coffee please


I took coffee and finished when another employee came and told me

Ma'am I wanna show you around

But am just

Please come I don't want sir to fire me

I was shown around and the house was so big this is a mansion I swear

I heard hyuna crying,, I went and  carried her and she stopped crying

Hey kid why are you smiling on me,,,

Because hyuna likes you ma'am

Now here is the milk give her then I will bath her

No I will bath her

She is so adorable and sweet

I just hope my kids will be like her,,,,

I gave her milk and bathed here she was smiling and playing with her hands,,

I was dressing her when her dad came and carried her but she started crying

I carried her in my arms and she kept smiling

I looked at his dad to see a lipstick on his lips

I admit I felt jealous

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