Secretly Married | JJK by graceplanet
Secretly Married | JJKby grace
❝Don't touch me, don't look at me, don't come near me, understood?❞ - Being secretly married to someone is hard. But being secretly married to a worldwide famous idol is...
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FUCKBUDDIES | VKOOK "You're such a bitch. I fucking hate you." "I hate you too. Now pass the condom." Two 'straight' jocks with too much dignity b...
  • jungkook
  • taehyung
  • seokjin
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Bts X Reader~ Anonymous by brownies_manga
Bts X Reader~ Anonymousby 🥀H.E.R🥀
You live in the US, and your just stunningly beautiful. Then one day, you somehow meets bts through text?! ~BTS fanfic x reader Anonymous: Hi~ Y/N: ??? (First couple chp...
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Secret Admirer [min yg] by late_regrets
Secret Admirer [min yg]by jhopesgirl
In which a girl has a big crush on the basketball player, min yoongi but she has a secret admirer who has been giving bottle of milks with sticky notes every day to her...
  • hoseok
  • jin
  • fluff
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Band Aids || Mark Lee by Dongyucks
Band Aids || Mark Leeby J
- She never knew giving a boy a band aid would lead to this - Gang! Au
  • nctu
  • jeno
  • lee
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hís wífє σnlч // by taesmami
hís wífє σnlч // p.jmby ѕσft fσr вtѕ
first meeting: •for her it was love at first sight •for him it was hate at first sight wedding day: "I take you, Park Jimin, to be my husband from this day forwa...
  • arrangedmarriage
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  • jhope
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Only Strip For Me || JJK [BOOK I] ✔️ by 98Anonymous98
Only Strip For Me || JJK [BOOK I] ⛓SUGAMEUP⛓
Newbie prostitute Mari, is left with a discouraging debt after her parent's passing. Her life is filled of threats and demand in assembling the great sum of money. She e...
  • btsfanfic
  • sadness
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pretty boy - taejin by SEOKDREAM
pretty boy - taejinby ☁️
he has a rather odd craving for blood. taejin- ongoing.
  • kink
  • namjin
  • lemon
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My Bully Mark Lee (under construction) by rice_lum
My Bully Mark Lee (under rice_lum~
I just transferred to a new school because of Mom's work; ready to start new and fresh. I'm looking forward to making new friends and meeting new classmates. Hopefully e...
  • jaemin
  • bts
  • marklee
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mad love; park jimin  by chim_girl
mad love; park jimin by nik
#162 in fanfiction In which everyone around knew, you belong to him. They didn't dare to mess with you because messing with you meant messing with him. What will happen...
  • love
  • bts
  • richboy
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Irresistible Fanboy | Yoonmin by _asmaa_author_
Irresistible Fanboy | Yoonminby Asmaà
Park Jimin is an ARMY whose life will suddenly change when he will keep meeting his bias, Suga coincidentally. ¤Yoonmin ¤Taekook ¤Namjin ¤Jinhope *Fluff *Smut *Cuteness...
  • suga
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Sold To Exo's Kai by natellabuns
Sold To Exo's Kaiby 사랑
Park Nari, a girl who loses everything and becomes homeless, gets "help" from a stranger. "Wait! I can help you get off the streets!" "You can...
  • kai
  • mature
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sent | wanna one by TwilightToDawn
sent | wanna oneby cн-erι colα
❝send nudes pls :^)❞ ❝n00ds?❞ ❝ yep :^))❞ *sends noodles* in which a girl sends a message... to the wrong person || HIGHEST || FANFICTION : #230 - may-10-2018 #244 - ma...
  • fanfiction
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Just One Day | Liskook [ Completed ] by forgottenpasta
Just One Day | Liskook [ forgottenpasta
Jungkook and Lisa find themselves together in an elevator. What could possibly go wrong? Started : 8/6/17 Completed : 26/1/18 #607 in fanfiction ~ 12/10/17 #327 in fanfi...
  • btsfanfic
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Killer In The Crowd [Min Yoongi X Reader] by BringmetheHorizonfan
Killer In The Crowd [Min Yoongi BringmetheHorizonfan
An unknown killer suddenly appeares one day in your small and peaceful town and is going around killing people on a spree. What if one day he sets his sights on you and...
  • korean
  • bangtan
  • taehyung
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FANBOY;AU [JiKook] by jikooktrash_help
FANBOY;AU [JiKook]by ⍀1997x1995⌿
Jungkook is famous gamer, who just reached 1M subscribers. Jimin is his biggest fan, who supports him as much as he can, and has crush on him. What happens to Jimin's...
  • jikook
  • fanboy
  • bangtansonyeondan
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Cotton Socks | YOONMIN FF by StarlightNArmy
Cotton Socks | YOONMIN FFby StarlightNArmy
❝I'm Bisexual!❞ ❝Hi Bisexual. I'm Jimin!❞ Yoongi becomes infatuated with the strangely quiet Jimin, who has an obsession with all things cute, soft and childish, after...
  • yoongi
  • boyxboy
  • yoonmin
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Roommates || kth  by taehyungnation
Roommates || kth by Micky ✔️
"let's sleep together!" he whined like a kid. I choked on my water and started coughing, "What!?" He was pouting and giving me the puppy eyes. Was h...
  • kimtaehyung
  • btsfanfic
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Arranged Marriage | J.JK [EDITING] by Pinkmonster249
Arranged Marriage | J.JK [EDITING]by PINKSTERS
IF YOU DON'T LIKE THE FIRST CHAPTER, DONT CONTINUE TO READ. Hana was only 18. She had a poor family and Her mom couldn't make enough money for her and her little broth...
  • bts
  • love
  • arrangedmarriage
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trouble ➳ bangtan boys by kkaebsongkaisoo
trouble ➳ bangtan boysby ☾anna☽
❝ Stay away from those boys, Violet; they're nothing but trouble. ❞ #28 in fanfiction!!
  • suga
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