Daddy Kink | CHANBAEK by BeeTieeS
Daddy Kink | CHANBAEKby Kookie's D×ck
WARNING: BDSM, strong/dirty language, kinks, DDLB (daddy, babyboy, kitten etc.) ✧ I will do with you as I please; I will fuck you like a toy, I will have you choke on my...
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  • smutwarning
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ကိုယ္ဝန္ေဆာင္ေယာက် ာ္း( Complete )  by MayKaungKin
ကိုယ္ဝန္ေဆာင္ေယာက် ာ္း( Complete ) by ေမေကာင္းကင္
ထူးဆန္းရွားပါးေသာ စိတ္​ေရ​ာဂါတစ္ခုေႀကာင့္ လူေတြနွင့္ အထူး သျဖင့္ ( အမ်ိဳးသမီး ) ေတြႏွင့္ မဆက္ဆံပဲ တစ္ေယာက္တည္းသီးျခား ေနထိုင္ ေသာ သန္းႀကြယ္ သူေဌးေေလး Byunbaekhyun နဲ႕...
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monster ; yandere!park chanyeol by aesthetically-exo
monster ; yandere!park chanyeolby aesthetically-exo
in which park chanyeol is the psychopath you thoght you loved (please note that this book could potentially trigger some. read at your own discretion)
  • wattys2017
  • alternateuniverse
  • fanfiction
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𝒍𝒊𝒕𝒕𝒍𝒆.by ˗ˏˋ 𝐡𝐚𝐥𝐞𝐲 ˎˊ˗
❝don't be ridiculous, jimin. you're twenty one years old for gods sake.❞ start: 12.7.17 fin: 4.11.18 HIGHEST RANKINGS: #14 in suga #43 in bts
  • littlespace
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10080 by cyeolhana
10080by c.
"Numbers can say things that humans never have the courage to say in words sometimes," Baekhyun said, smiling back. "Where words are vague, numbers are cl...
  • ot12
  • baekhyun
  • kris
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SURREAL LOVE | Park Chanyeol FF by hun-baek
SURREAL LOVE | Park Chanyeol FFby Ailah❤
Im your real wife but infront of everyone she is your wife.......... "Im always dreaming about you but you are dreaming about her..." "Always i watch you...
  • tragic
  • romance
  • exo
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💘Love Between The Boundary💘 by Byun_Sori614
💘Love Between The Boundary💘by 🌸Byun Sori🌸
💕အခ်စ္ႏွင့္အိမ္ေထာင္ေရး 💕
  • park
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Missing Sunshine || Park Chanyeol by chanbaeol
Missing Sunshine || Park Chanyeolby 🌸 b i a n c a 🌸
• c o m p l e t e d • There's a lot you can describe Yoon Dalnim, South Korea's rising professional volleyball player, as. Kind. Hardworking. Beautiful. Athletic. Cluel...
  • exo
  • kpop
  • chanyeol
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EXO 10th member  by dreamofkpop
EXO 10th member by Stay🖤
The story of EXO's 10th member
  • exoandyou
  • suho
  • sehun
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Playboy | pjm √ by Utarifanfiction
Playboy | pjm √by ᴀᴇʀɪ
❝I hate you for making me want you❞ A simple class project which brought a playboy and a nerd into a romance and hate situation. H.R: [#27 in Fanfiction] ©Utarifanfict...
  • chanyeol
  • bts
  • playboyinlove
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The Alpha's slave (Vkook) by blanktae000
The Alpha's slave (Vkook)by 🅗🅘🅐🅣🅤🅢❌
The werewolves don't usually come down to the human camps but what will Taehyung do once he realizes that the Alpha wants him. "Y-you're hurting me." "Goo...
  • bts
  • taehyung
  • omega
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TWO FACED [editing] by mysehuniverse
TWO FACED [editing]by .bea.
Paige Dee was forced to move into a different house wherein she met twelve mysterious boys who were siblings. She wasn't welcomed warmly and to top it all off she was fo...
  • demon
  • feels
  • chanyeol
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His Biggest Hater by ParkBacon
His Biggest Haterby Peanut
Chanyeol, a popular idol, anonymously joins a groupchat all about how "PCY should go die" and meets his biggest hater: eatmybyuns. Little did eatmybyuns know...
  • baekyeol
  • exo
  • chanyeol
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My Love For Eternity  by nincii___
My Love For Eternity by nincii___
Jeon Jungkook,the leader of the most powerful mafia in the world always has problems with Byun mafia where leader is Byun Baekhyun.Byun Baekhyun has adopted brother name...
  • namjoon
  • jungkook
  • baekhyun
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En el punto de mira {ChanBaek/BaekYeol} by Emiita13
En el punto de mira {ChanBaek/ Noe
A BaekHyun le importa una mierda estar en el punto de mira de sus enemigos o que haya alguien tratando de asesinarlo. Él no necesita un guardaespaldas ni nada parecido y...
  • baekyeol
  • mafiaau
  • fanfic
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catching feelings ♡ sebaek by triplebaekhyun
catching feelings ♡ sebaekby ɴᴀɴᴀ
✵ Byun Baekhyun is an Instagram model, and is dating famous Youtuber, Park Chanyeol. ✵ Oh Sehun is a famous gaming Youtuber and runs a channel with his bestfriend, Park...
  • instagram
  • chanyeol
  • baekhyun
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The faults in Byun Baekhyun by blehmeh2014
The faults in Byun Baekhyunby blehmeh2014
Baekhyun and Chanyeol hate each other's guts. It's the start of a new college year, with hormones flying and emotions sinking, with idiots roaming and jerks slinkering...
  • chanbaek
  • baekhyun
  • chanyeol
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Loving you | Chanbaek by bcdwolf
Loving you | Chanbaekby 𝐿𝒾𝓃
[COMPLETED] Chanyeol thinks his best friend is weird for being obsessed over a certain blonde beauty youtuber. ©bcdwolf 2017
  • chanyeol
  • baekyeol
  • youtubeau
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Exo Boy×Boy Smut 2 by Princess_Yeoldetort
Exo Boy×Boy Smut 2by 🖤Alexa🖤
Book number two of my smuts! Chapters made at your request! Probably some fluffs I like those too. Lots of kinks, cussing, and sex of course. Cause what's a smut book wi...
  • sehun
  • jongdae
  • hunhan
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Bucin by cbkids
Bucinby aca
Tau definisi idiot? ga di hargai, di selingkuhin, di sakitin melulu tapi masih aja bertahan. Cerita kebegoan Baekhyun yang menjadi bucin Chanyeol. ⚠️bahasa kasar/non b...
  • bucin
  • fanfiction
  • manxboy
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