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[COMPLETED] Call Me Baby (ENGLISH) - CHANBAEK FF ✔️ by ParkBaekkie
[COMPLETED] Call Me Baby (ENGLISH) izza
This is a story wherein Chanyeol is looking for a babysitter for his younger brother, Sehun, and Baekhyun applies for the job. "Call Me Baby" is an ENGLISH TRA...
  • romance
  • fluff
  • chanbaek
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gαѕнιиα • уσσимιи by taestyhoseok
gαѕнιиα • уσσимιиby 生活
where jimin happens to be yoongi's omega. copyrights @taestyhoseok 30/03/18
  • vkook
  • bts
  • yoongi
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Familiar by April_girl02
Familiarby April_girl02
{Original} Byun Baekhyun better known by his superhero name 'spiderman' is an 18 year old student attending SM high. Park Chanyeol is also a superhero, known by his str...
  • exo
  • deadpool
  • superhero
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My possessive king by jihopejinmin
My possessive kingby I'm already tracer
This is an ancient story about how the king of Goryeo found his beautiful queen. But with a twist, his queen was not a fair maiden, instead a beautiful boy, who he insta...
  • fiction
  • baekyeol
  • sehun
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My Best Friend {CHANBAEK/BAEKYEOL } by chanbaekstempo
My Best Friend {CHANBAEK/BAEKYEOL }by chanbaekstempo
Chanyeol and Baekhyun have been best friends since the 6th grade. Baekhyun started developing feelings for Chanyeol, but knew Chanyeol would never return the feelings si...
  • kpopboyxboy
  • exochanbaek
  • exo
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ᴴᵉˡˡᵈᵒᵍ || ᵇ.ᵇ.ᵖ.ᶜ by rosezx
ᴴᵉˡˡᵈᵒᵍ || ᵇ.ᵇ.ᵖ.ᶜby ☼ ᵇᵃᵉᵏʰʸᵘⁿˢ.ⁿᶦᵖᵖˡᵉ☼
In which a helpless boy falls into the grasp of a mafia leader.
  • mafia
  • minseok
  • boyxboy
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24 Days of Baekhyun [Chanbaek] by exoctzen
24 Days of Baekhyun [Chanbaek]by 𝓬𝓱𝓪𝓮𝓻𝓲𝓷
Where Baekhyun and Chanyeol were forced to live in the same house for Christmas.
  • baekyeol
  • chanyeol
  • baekhyun
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Abandoned and pregnant [chanbaek] by someonethatlovesexo
Abandoned and pregnant [chanbaek]by chanyeol stan
Baekhyun is sold to his alpha, Chanyeol. Chanyeol abused him and used him for sex... What happens when Baekhyun is pregnant with Chanyeol's pups? Once #3 in mpreg!! On...
  • fluff
  • baekyeol
  • kyungsoo
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Safe Haven by BaekCozILoveYeol
Safe Havenby exotic_derp
*** A WATTPAD FEATURED STORY *** *** [COMPLETED - 6/04/2018]*** #1 in Kpop #1 in ExoFanFic #1 in ChanBaek ✖️✖️✖️ Most people say, Love comes in all different shapes and...
  • chanbaek
  • sebaek
  • ot12
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ᴍʏ sɪɴ - ᴘᴄʏ x ʙʙʜ by ParkInMeChanyeol
ᴍʏ sɪɴ - ᴘᴄʏ x ʙʙʜby —ʙɪᴛᴄʜ
Baekhyun always has something on everyone. Except Park Chanyeol ____ Hello, so a person who read my book gave me this suggested name, please let me know who you are so...
  • chanbaek
  • chanyeol
  • baekhyun
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