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Baek Hyun 's pov

It has been days I have stayed at sir chanyeol' s house and other maids are so jealous of me and even his parent's and sister,

I went to clean at sir 's room to see a picture of him and her wife

I went to clean at sir 's room to see a picture of him and her wife

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She is so pretty where could she be anyway

I was holding the picture when I heard what are you doing in my room I dropped the picture accidentally and it broke

How dare you break this picture you servant,,

Am so sorry sir I didn't mean to do it is that your wife and you? Where is she by the way

Shut up did you hear that,,, you are just a mere servant get out of my room before I do something I will regret

Am really so sorry let me clean the floor

Get out now

I was so scared I never saw sir so angry,, with deep voice,,,,

I have to find out what happened to his wife

I went to jesper 's room to see he was playing

Jesper can I talk to you

Sure aunt baek what is it

Don't call me aunt baek am a servant here beside call me baek

No aunt baek

Anyway where is your mom

Jesper started crying continuously and loud and everyone came,,,

I was so scared now my job will end for sure

Baby why are you crying did he hurt you

No dad I just remembered mom can I hug you aunt baek

I hugged him when sir came and took jesper

Could it be his wife is dead

I asked out loud to hear

Yes and don't think I will let you trick my son to marry you

I was so shocked no wonder sir look sad,,

What if I seduce him for fun maybe he will smile again I thought to myself

But seriously me and sir chanyeol kissing I can't believe if that dream will come true,,, he is always angry with me but I wish he can laugh to me like he do with my fellow colleagues

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