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Baek Hyun 's pov.

So can we get married in the church


Thank you baek you are the best

Don't get excited too much chanyeol you know we are not getting married because we love each other

I know baek but as for me I love you so much and I realized my love for you too late,,

I went downstairs and saw jesper was happy

This kid is too much I swear

I put water to drink when I felt dizzy and fall down

I opened my eyes to see am in chanyeol 's room

Baek how are you feeling you fainted,,,

Am fine can I go to my room now

No I will take care of you and our unborn child


I know the truth please don't be mad at me please

Am not a child chanyeol

I don't want to upset you I better get out

I really felt bad am so rude to him,,

I will apologize to him

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