Larry Stylinson (Socialmedia) by ellabarone
Larry Stylinson (Socialmedia)by J❤️ - Ella🌌
in which one direction is on hiatus and the boys make solo music. Louis and Harry learn to Love each other. - Louis and Harry are both singers :D - In form of Socialmedi...
  • relationship
  • liampayne
  • louistomlinson
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me being shook about gay shit by -madisinner-
me being shook about gay shitby madi
i over analyze everything: the book (mostly me talking about kwitanz and shit like that)
  • whatamidoing
  • gays
  • fpsdiesel
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FOOTBALLER by saejinee_exo
FOOTBALLERby سٰـآيْ.
تشانيول يرى ان بيكهيون مُجرد طفل عقله لم ينضج بعد لذا هو كان يعامله معامله لا تليق بسن الاصغر رغم انه يَكَبُر بيكهيون بثلاث سنوات فقط لكن تشانيول لا يهتم بعلاقاته مع الآ...
  • بيكهيون
  • اكسو
  • تشانبيك
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Behind Closed Doors  (boyxboy) (Unedited) by MaxNight
Behind Closed Doors (boyxboy) ( Max Night
For two years now Kaine has been in love with his roommate Seth. Seth didn't let Kaine's love for him affect him at first but one day he started growing feeling for Kain...
  • behindcloseddoors
  • closed
  • secret
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Love In the Limelight (Lesbian Story) by ThatSaxGirlKarina
Love In the Limelight (Lesbian K A R I N A
Hanna is your average 15 year old Sophomore girl. Goes to school, gets good grades, is on the Cheerleading team and has the perfect boyfriend, Jayson. When Hanna and J...
  • actors
  • lovestory
  • lesbians
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❥ Fack by Fack_lovers
❥ Fackby Fack_lovers
A complicated Fack story... Jack Grazer and Finn Wolfhard And a bit of Jyatt bc we love Wyatt and Jaeden Also a book that blew up for some reason - this book scares me b...
  • finnwolfhard
  • gay
  • fackstory
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🔒His Property🔒 -Yoonmin by OurFictionalReality
🔒His Property🔒 -Yoonminby OurFictionalReality
Jimin got taken away from his family when he was 12 years old. The man who took him is called Eric and is planning on selling him for a lot of money. He brought Jimin...
  • gays
  • bts
  • gay
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~Lisp~ Richjake Stuffs by PhanOfthePhans
~Lisp~ Richjake Stuffsby Fry ~ ♡
Hey! Welcome to the story book of one shots of the most adorable ship, though may warn you that my more recent chapters are way better since my style of writing has chan...
  • jeremy
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Mrs.Mafia by LexyGettingLit
Mrs.Mafiaby Alexis Forte
"I can make your life hell."He whispers in my ear huskily as he points the gun at my head. "Then I'll be your Angel." I saywith a crazy smile while...
  • chicklit
  • gays
  • mafia
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Heroic Acts by xSilenced_Spiritsx
Heroic Actsby Spirit
What if the love of your life turned out to be your arch nemesis? Darien moves away from home to enroll in a Performing Arts Academy, but he's got much more to do than p...
  • roommates
  • boyxboy
  • boys
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Jealousy-Norenmin by -woAhLucAs
Jealousy-Norenminby Hiatus
COVER BY : @CRISPYCARATS //Typical story line// Jaemin and Jeno are the most perfect couple you could ever imagine. Everybody wants to be them and possibly join them. J...
  • idk
  • norenmin
  • school
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Jaytim by omgdcomic
Jaytimby Cara✨
A story about how Jason Todd and Tim Drake fell in love!
  • fanfiction
  • redrobin
  • timmy
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All American Boys by holysacrilege
All American Boysby elizaveta ivanova
Alex Sawyer never thought much of it when he was approached to 'keep an eye out' for Isaac Anderson. Well, sure he had his reservations about that boy -the loud, obnoxio...
  • dystopia
  • gayromance
  • lgbtfiction
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Gods & Monsters by a_sadcypress
Gods & Monstersby rosesinlove
The instructions were simple: seduce and destroy Troye Sivan. Not once did they discuss the option of Jacob actually falling in love. So, naturally, that's exactly what...
  • troye
  • chalamet
  • jacobbixenman
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S a t z u ° S h o t s ™ by SimplisticSarcasm
S a t z u ° S h o t s ™by 海盜 • 2
Oneshots of Sana x Tzuyu. Not all fluffy, some angst may recur. I'm just pulling your legs, lmao. But overall, it would be something to pass time, won't it? And watch...
  • choutzuyu
  • minatozakisana
  • jihyo
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Wrongly Inlove [Completed] by Once_0119
Wrongly Inlove [Completed]by 애시
I'm falling for her and it's wrong, all wrong. I can't stop what I'm feeling, I'm falling harder and harder. • • #Twice #Once #Shippers #GirlxGirl
  • girlxgirl
  • twice
  • gays
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Fifty Shades Darker || chanbaek +18 by mochii_baekhyun
Fifty Shades Darker || chanbaek +18by VKOOK~🌈💙
[Fifty Shades Of Park Book 2] مُترجمة. رَحلَ بيون بيكهيُون عَن عِلاقتهُ بِالرجل الوسيم، المُهيمن بَارك تشانيُول. العلاقة المليئة بِالأذواق الفردية والأسرار المُظلمة، لَ...
  • بيكهيون
  • تشانبيك
  • baekhyun
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(ON HOLD) A Tale of a Loser  (GirlxGirl) by themoonlightdemon
(ON HOLD) A Tale of a Loser ( JD
This is a story about a loser and how she become one of the country most influential business owner. Along the way, she comes face to face with her old enemies, her ulti...
  • school
  • influence
  • loser
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The Tale of Four Twinks by ItsSteb_
The Tale of Four Twinksby 💙 M I L E S 🧡
Part 2 of "Run" Written in Brandon's perspective. Hope you enjoy!
  • gay
  • abuse
  • boys
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Seducing My Boss. (Chanbaek and hunbaek) by mnopqrstq
Seducing My Boss. (Chanbaek and mnopqrstq
Baek Hyun and sehun are dating and they love each other so madly,,, What happens when baek got a visa to work in USA and he ask his friend luhan to take care of his boy...
  • hunhan
  • baekyeol
  • chanbaek
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