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Sehun 's pov.

Okay  if you declare war chanyeol I will too,,, if your children gets hurt don't regret and by the way me and luhan will stay in your house whether you like it or not

And you baek let me see how you will protect this brats

You know what sehun I was planning to go away but actually I have changed my mind too

I will stay and I promise you that if you dare even try to hurt shania nor jesper you will have to deal with me first

Let's see tuff guy

Okay Let's see you thief

How dare you call me a thief baek

But you are

He is going to regret it I swear

I went and asked for a snake

I was given and put it on the bag

Now am going to see how he will save the brat

I heard jesper was coming from the hospital

I put the snake in his room unnoticed and left

They came and took him to his room

Baek Hyun 's pov

I saw sehun smiling and had a bad feeling

I went back to jesper' s room to see a big cobra on bed and jesper was crying

Baby I will save you nothing bad will happen to you just calm down

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