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Baek Hyun 's pov.

I was in the house when i saw a man coming

I went downstairs since my husband went to see the doctor who will operate our daughter and my children were in school

Sir what do you want

Here this is for,,, this is the court order  tomorrow come to court and chanyeol 's children

So this asshole want to take my children away from me,,,

Okay I will come

The children come from school and I was so tense

No I can't tell them

Momy you look worried

Not now hyuna please

Tell me Momy what is wrong

I said not now get lost

Mom what is wrong

Will you shut up and leave me alone now hyuna what is your problem stop interviewing in my life

Am so sorry Momy,, I forgot I am not your real daughter,,, I wont interfere with your life ever again,,

What have I done now am so stupid I shouldn't have shouted at my daughter

I run to her room but it was locked from inside

My dear am so sorry I shouted at you please forgive me my child,

Just go away ,

No baby please open the door you are my daughter am so sorry bby

I waited for long and she didn't open the door,,,

Am so selfish I hate myself and everything,,, Oooh god please don't let him take my children away

I went and prepared dinner my husband came and sat down

Looking at him am sure he is so tired

Hubby go and take shower I will bring you food

No wify let's eat where are the children


Let me call them

No wify you are tired I will call them

I was so scared what if hyuna tell her dad I shouted at her and Shawn to hate me

No I shouldn't this way,,, if I loose my husband I will die,,

I saw the children coming with their dad and I saw hyuna was sad

Hyuna can I talk to you for a minute please

No am not your daughter you told me to stop interfere with your life

Am so sorry baby please forgive me

What happened you two

I looked at the door to see my husband

Dad it's nothing let's go and eat

Can this book end on season 1? Any idea

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