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Baekhyun 's pov.

Who said I will kill our child am so scared to lose my child,,,

And hubby you know I love you so much I don't love chanyeol

Stop it baek I know you two love each other

No I love you

Do you know what hurts so much

You were dreaming of him last night begging him not to take the kids that you always love him

Am so sorry please forgive me Shawn now am with you

You are with me but you think of him baek

Am so sorry I tried to love you but still he is on my mind.

You know what let's divorce each other and go to him but I won't let you take my children baek you are unfair,,,

And he went out

I felt guilty to hurt Shawn

It's my fault

It was in the morning I prepared the kids so that we can go to court when I was called and told chanyeol canceled I can be with the kids and he is traveling to Indonesia

Kids we are not going court

Why momy

Your dad canceled it

That is good then

After the kids left I saw chanyeol and Shawn coming

I know you two love each other,  I want you two to get back together and promise me you two will love my daughter as all the kids

And one thing hanuel will go tomorrow to hospital for surgery

No Shawn you are my husband please don't hate me

Baek you and Shawn will stay together I never saw you happy for long am so sorry to disturb you

Just go away chanyeol,,,,

Baek stop it you have to reunite with chanyeol you two love each other so much and I have seen that

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