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Baek Hyun 's pov.

It has been two years I have worked hard and send money to my boyfriend

I think by now he has bought the house

I was working hard when the boss called me

You are fired


I said you are fired

No sir please I need this job what have I done wrong

Get out of my site I don't want to see you coming to my company

Take this is the fare back to Korea

I took the money but I cried a lot

I went and packed my things,,

I can't tell my boyfriend it's better I surprise him

I arrived Korea and went straight to my boyfriend

I tried calling but no answer

I opened the door slowly and fall down what I saw

Him fucking someone on the sofa

Sehun what is this,, how can you do this to me

The guy turned to be my so called best friend luhan

How can you two do this to me

You luhan I told you to take care of my boyfriend but I see you taked cared of him even with your body

I went to slap him when sehun hold my hand

Don't you dare hurt my future wife,,, luhan is expecting our child and he is cute than you anyway

Of all the people I never knew you will do this to me I loved you whole heartedly

Give me my money back

Which money?? Oooh that I bought luhan a house now get out of my house

He threw me and closed the door

No let it be a dream not a reality God,,,

I started walking until I sat down to saw a poster

Looking for a well educated maid who knows how to speak fluent English

I have no other option than to be a maid now

I called the number and a girl picked up

Hi am interested with the job

Okay come here my boss is waiting

I went to the company I was told I think by the secretary

I went inside to see a tall guy playing with his son maybe they really look like each other

I went inside to see a tall guy playing with his son maybe they really look like each other

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He is so handsome than that asshole sehun anyway

Sir can I come in

You are already in since you didn't knock the door

Oooh god why is he being an asshole already I thought to my self

Sir am sorry I really need the job,, I know how to cook, clean the house, wash clothes, take care of children and keeping secrets too

What is your name

Am byun baekhyun sir and am 22yrs old

It depends if my son will like you

Dad I like baek please hire him

So baek no wearing your clothes you will wear uniform like other maids

No problem sir

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