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Chanyeol 's pov.

I was at my company when I received a call from school that my children had a fight

What did they do this time,,,

I hope they won't be kicked out of school

I wonder if my child with baek is a trouble maker like jesper,,,

I went to school and sat on chair,,,

I saw a small girl wearing glasses

She stand up and fall in my legs

Stupid kid can't you see am sitting,,, why are you wearing glasses at school you look like a spoiled brat now stand up

Sir I didn't know you were here,,, am sorry please don't be angry on me,, if I had eyes I could have seen you,,, am sorry again I apologize,,,,

Wait is she blind???

Baby are you hurt

I heard a familiar voice calling her

Momy please help me,,,,, and tell this sir I didn't mean to fall on him,,,

I glanced back and I couldn't believe whom I saw

Baek Hyun!!!

He looked at me with anger

Princess dad will carry you

I saw a guy carrying the girl

How dare you shout at my daughter what is your problem sir???

What do he want to say he doesn't know me for God sake

What a liar

Before I could answer I heard

Mom, dad we are so sorry but those kids started a fight with my sister and I couldn't let them hurt  my sister

He has three children aaaah

So the elder is my daughter with him?

I see

She is my daughter I can't believe after this years am seeing my daughter,,,,,

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She is my daughter I can't believe after this years am seeing my daughter,,,,,

We were called inside by the principal and we went inside

Sir I admit am new here but I can't let anyone bully my sister he started the fight

My daughter said

Sir she started it am innocent

Shut up jesper I know you are a trouble maker,, principal I want him to be given a hard punishment and for me I don't want to see him in my house for one week

Dad you can't do that to my brother

Shania I will I won't let him hurt other people at all,,

We went outside when I stopped my daughter

What is your name

Am hyuna

Am so proud of you hyuna don't let anyone hurt you

Yes sir not only me but my parent's and my siblings I love them so much,,,,

I saw baek coming with his husband when my daughter left

Hubby it seems like we are in a small world

Let me introduce to you my ex husband I mean my past

And chanyeol meet the guy who steal my heart,,, Shawn my lovely husband whom my life has no meaning without him but life is fun when am with him

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