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Shania 's pov.

I finished doing homework when my grandma came,,,

Bby come and see we have a new maid who will take care of you and your brother

Really grandma I hope she won't take our dad away from us

No he is a boy darling come on

Grandma let's go

We went downstairs to see my dad and brother with the new maid I guess,,, he looks super cute,,, I wouldn't mind him to be my first kiss,,,,

Damn he looks hot

Hi  am shania and you

Am byun baek Hyun

Welcome to our house baek

Thank you princess

Baby he will be the one taking care of you and your brother,, he will know what you two eat, go to school,,, everything

Okay Dad will baek going to stay here???


Oooh god thank you a million times for bringing baek here,, I will be his girlfriend at any cost am a grown woman now

I went to my room and applied my make up

I called my friend Tania to tell her about our hot employ

She was so excited to see him,,

Byun baek Hyun am going to be your girlfriend whether you like it or not

I went to his room and closed the door

What are you doing here it's late shania

Am scared of ghost can I sleep next to you

No no kid go back to your room

I will shout out loud if you don't want me to sleep here with you

Then scream out I don't mind leaving from here

I felt angry and left

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