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Baek Hyun 's pov.

Oooh god what situation is this you are putting me in,,,

I don't want to be chanyeol's wife at all,,, after he treated me like sht no way,,,

Jesper dear I will bring you milk

He pulled me and his dad too

I want you two to get married

Please aunt baek I want you to be my Momy

You are crazy jesper I don't love your dad at all

Please aunt I want you to be my Momy

I said no jesper

I realized I shouted at him when he started cry

Am so sorry jesper I didn't mean to shout at you

I know you are lying you wanted to shout at me,,, I know you hate me

No no no jesper I don't hate you at all,,, just go away I don't want to talk to you

No jesper please forgive me

No dad tell him to go out

Okay then I won't be your mother

He get up quickly and hugged me tightly

Are you serious

Yes but if you don't want me to be your Momy then I will leave

No no momy I love you thank you so much he kissed me on the cheeks

Am not sick anymore I will go and tell everyone

After jesper left  I saw chanyeol tensed

T thank you for making my children happy

It's okay chanyeol

Did you mean what you said does that mean we are getting married

Yes for your children 's happiness

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