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Baek Hyun 's pov.

We arrived Korea and my husband carried hanuel and hyuna was taking pictures with his brother

I was so scared,,, I don't ever want to meet my past,, I don't want to loose my husband at all,,.

We arrived at hotel and our children were so tired

We booked two rooms and our children were hungry

Momy I love you so much can you take us to your house

Hyuna bby let's talk tomorrow I know you are tired

No Momy am not tired

Okay we will go

Yes Momy you are the best Momy in the whole world

It was in the morning when we took tea in hotel and my husband told us to go with him in the business conference

We went and arrived at the company with our children and media people were taking our pictures

Ma'am welcome to Korea

Thank you

After the conference was over

We were to go to hotel when a child run and shouted

Momy you are back I missed you so much

Jesper no way

Hey I don't know you let go of me,,,

Hey go away stop calling my mom your mom hyuna stepped ahead

Momy tell them you know me

It's me jesper mom don't you recognize me at all

It's me jesper

I don't know you kid you are just mistaken

I went inside the vehicle very fast,,,

No not my past again

Momy please don't go away am so sorry what I did to you and my sister,, please don't leave,,, my sister and I will apologize to you

Please don't leave us again

Momy please don't go away I love you so much,,, please stay with me I am sick

Driver let's go

Momy who is that kid why did he call you Momy,,,

Hyuna, hanuel and hanyeol I don't know that kid maybe he is mistaken me with someone maybe who looks like me

You are right mom you can never keep a secret from us

Oooh god why did my son appeared is he really sick,, Oooh god please don't put me in this situation,,,,

I looked at the mirror and saw jesper fall down on the road

Do you think baek is going to leave jesper lying on the road???

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