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Baek Hyun 's pov

I went and prepared fried egg with sausage and took to sitting room and chanyeol was watching news alone

Chanyeol this is for you,,,

Am so sorry I was rude at you earlier

It's okay am at fault anyway

No you are not,,,

I will listen to whatever you will tell me anyway you are going to be my husband

Please baek don't make me feel guilty because my children forced you to be there mom

No I want to be your wife chanyeol and our unborn child needs you

He got up quickly and smashed his lips on mine

I love you baek I promise I will never hurt you at all,,,

Thank you so much for accepting me

It's okay now eat or else I will think you prefer maid's food than your wife to be

He was so happy I went to his room and lied down when I saw his mother

I will not allow you to get married to my son you are just a maid you fool

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