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Chanyeol 's pov.

Am going to take my daughter hyuna away from baek

I won't let him be with my daughter,,,

How cheap you are getting married and even have more children,,, I hate you so much,,,

I will take my daughter hyuna

I went home and saw my kids were angry

Kids I have a proposal that we can hurt baek

What dad

Let us use hyuna and bring her here

Dad that girl don't even mention her name she will never consider you as her dad she hates us and warned us if dare try anything stupid we will get it

Don't worry I have a plan,,,,,

What dad

How about we kidnap the blind girl who is so stupid

How dad

Tell her on break time that her dad wants to talk to him

Okay dad I want to get even with baek I swear

I went the following day and the kid came

I immediately put her on my car

Please don't hurt me please take me to my parent's

Just shut up you blind kid stop shouting,,, you are going to pay for what your mom did,,,

He took hyuna away from me,,, and now that will be your punishment

Please sir chanyeol let me go my dad will be worried and my mommy and my siblings

Shut up you blind dog you look like your asshole father who took baek away from me

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