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Chanyeol 's pov

I saw so much hatred in baek' s eyes towards me

I can't blame him it's all my fault I trusted my kids than him,,

It's good to know you are happy

Tell your kids to stop bothering my children or else am going to hurt them

Sure don't worry at all

You better give sense to their heads

Let's go my love

I was really hurt but am glad he is happy with someone else,,,,, I know I lost every right to claim him mine,,,, am just an idiot

I drive back home and drink alcohol

I need to forget you baek at any cost,,, am not the right man for you

Meet the love of your life

No no I shouldn't remember this,,

Shawn 's pov.

Wify why did you speak to him so rude

I hate him and his children did you see how the hurt hanuel including him

Relax bby okay

How can I

I kissed my wife and calmed down

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