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Shawn 's pov.

I wanted to go inside the delivery room to be with my wife but the doctors stopped me,,,

I tried but they told me to wait outside

Oooh god please don't let my wife die,,

I saw the nurse coming

Sir where is the clothes

Is my children born

Yes sir and they look so cut a boy and a girl but I have bad news

What is it you are scaring me now

Your daughter is blind, we don't know how we can tell your wife

Don't worry I will tell my wife

I went inside and carried our kids,, my wife was sleeping till he wake up,,,

Hubby where are our kids

They are sleeping and they are so cute just like you

I was so scared how I will tell him that our daughter is blind,,

Wify I have something to tell you

What is it hubby

Am sorry our daughter is

I saw the doctor coming

Which name will you call your kids

Wify which one

You name them hubby

Let's call our handsome son


And our beautiful daughter


I love the names hubby

The doctor left to write the birth certificate

Wify I need to tell you something

Hubby why my daughter is not looking at me

Our little girl is blind am so sorry bby

Please don't hate me for making baek 's daughter hanuel blind,,, she will regain her sight but not now

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