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Hyuna 's pov.

After my siblings slept I went to drink water downstairs to see Momy crying

I went and hugged Momy

Momy why are you crying now,,,

Baby I love you so much now you know I hidden a secret from you and your siblings I know all of you hate me

No my lovely Momy,, if you were bad you couldn't raise me,, Momy you always love me so much please I ask you to rest I promise to take care of my siblings am big now

Baby you are everything to me and your siblings am scared they will hate me, 

No mommy I will talk to my siblings now Momy give me a hug

I love you Momy

I love you so much Momy and I promise you that no one will try to separate our happy family

Hanuel, hanyeol we need to talk

Not now

Hanyeol am your elder sister obeg me

But we are not related I want to go to my real dad no wonder your dad never loved me

I went and slapped him,,,, I never expected this from you,,,

Mom did everything for us your supposed dad hurted mom and his children

I don't care

Okay then go ahead and hurt our parents you are just like those evil children

Sister please tell brother not to go

Hanuel baby you sleep no use to convince him,, but if Momy tries to do something to himself it will be your fault hanyeol

No I don't want anything to happen to mom,,, am sorry sister please forgive me

We went to school and it was lunch time when shania came to where I was sitting with my new friends

Sister did your slut mom tell you how we made him go away and humiliated him in front of dad

I was so angry,, no one dares to hurt my mom

I pulled her hair and she started crying

That is what you get for hurting my mom,,,

And don't you dare call me your sister I can never want to have jealous siblings like you and your brother

And by the way you should learn how to speak English before you talk,,,

And one more thing

If you mess with my siblings or call my mom many names you will see fire without smoking from me

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