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Baek Hyun 's pov

We finished eating and everyone was very quiet

Hyuna can you pass me water

She gave me but she was sad

Hyuna baby am so sorry I can kneel down and beg you to forgive me baby

What is going on wify

I shouted at hyuna and am really sorry I regret shouting at her

But why wife

It's nothing okay am going upstairs

Thinking I can loose my children custody I was losing my mind,,,

I stand up to go when my husband said to sit down

Shawn please am not in the mood am going upstairs,,,

Momy why are you like this

Shut up hanyeol,, eat and go to school

Baek enough you can't just shout to my children what is wrong with you

I run upstairs faster,,,

God I wish I never slept chanyeol,, this should have happened,, I hate him,,,

I was changing clothes when I felt dizzy and fall down,,

Shawn 's pov.

Children I am to talk to your mom,,,

What happened to my wife? I should not scold my wife or else he will leave

I went upstairs and saw my wife lying down on the floor

Bby wake up what happened to you,,,

Hyuna call the doctor please it's your mom

Bby please wake up am so sorry if I hurted you in any way

We waited till the doctor came

Kids stop crying your mom will be okay

Dad it's my fault mom begged me

No hyuna I know something is bothering your mom that is why he is behaving like this

Mr Shawn your wife is okay you need to take care of your wife or else it will be bad for him and your unborn child

Doctor is my wife pregnant

Yes sir tomorrow buy this medicine

Okay thank you

Dad we are going to have a small sibling

Yes children

I looked on bed and saw an envelope

I looked at it to see my wife has to go tomorrow with the kids to court

I felt angry

Am not going to let him take away my kids,,,

Dad what happened

Chanyeol want to take hanyeol and hanuel and tomorrow it will be court hearing

Dad please don't let him take my siblings away,,, now I understood why mom was worried and tensed

Kids promise me you two will not go with that crazy man

Dad you are our super dad we won't go anywhere

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