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Baek Hyun 's pov.

It has been six months am pregnant can't even go anywhere my children are with me all the time,,,,, even chanyeol he only go to work for two hours and he is back home,,,,

I wake up to see all my children surrounding me

Momy you are awake,, we have prepared everything

Oooh my God kids where is your dad first

They pointed on the floor and I couldn't stop laughing,,

Chanyeol was snoring on the floor

I couldn't stop laughing

Hyuna threw water on him when he wake up

Kids I know you all did this to me now go I need to talk to your Momy

The kids sat and continue laughing

Well kids I need to rest can you all come later

Okay Momy,,,

After they left my husband was about to kiss me when we heard Shawn shouting downstairs

We went and I was shocked to see him carrying a gun

Baek please come back to me,,,, I love you I don't want to loose you anymore

Shawn am not a cow nor a goat,,,, I have feelings,,, I get hurt too and you left me broken,,,

Look chanyeol breaked my heart because of a misunderstanding what about you????

Our child died because of you,,,

I will choose chanyeol am sorry now you have Selena

You can't be happy baek am sorry

He shoot me on the stomach and I fall down on the floor

My son,,,,,, I love you chanyeol if something bad happens to me please take care of our children,,, kids I love you all

This book is coming to an end soon

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