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Baek Hyun 's pov.

It has been two months am working and I got along very well with jesper and her sister shania I have a bad feeling she is planning something against me but somehow I need to find out

Today was the weekend all servants we were called by sir chanyeol

We went but when he saw me he was annoyed,,, Oooh god why do he hate me is it because I break his wife picture

Anyway let it be,,,

I have today visitors and I need you all to clean everywhere my brother is coming with his wife,,,

Okay sir

I wonder if his brother has the same annoyed expression like him,,,

We finished cleaning when jesper run to me

Aunt baek can you tell me a story

Not now baby later I haven't finished cleaning your dad's room

Let it be do whatever my children asks and do whatever it takes I want my room to be clean

Yes sir don't worry

Aunt baek am so sorry it's my fault dad is angry with you

No baby now let me tell you a story

After I finished I went to clean the room when I heard so you are the maid of my elder brother


Yes me but it's sad to see you in this condition because you trusted someone right???

It's your fault am in this condition I will tell your brother

Go ahead and I will say you wanted me so badly but I rejected you and you came to take revenge on him

You liar

Just accept you are a looser and luhan is better than you and guess what I will make sure my brother throws you out of here,,

I went outside to see sir chanyeol coming from downstairs I decided to go another side since I didn't want to annoy him but he said stop

Oooh god please help me

Yes sir how may I help you???

Follow me I want you to iron my clothes I will take a shower

Sure sir

We went when sehun came

HI brother

Baek meet my little brother sehun

Hello sir sehun

He went and we entered inside I started ironing his clothes and finished

I looked at the bathroom to see sir chanyeol was still bathing

Baek are you done give me my towel

Okay sir

Oooh god am so sorry but I want to know how it feels to be in sir 's arms

I took him the towel and pretended to fall down when he carried me,,,

Be careful and he was completely naked in front of me,, his six back,, muscles I was completely lost and pretended to be fainted

I have to seduce you sir,, I want you to kiss me so badly I thought to myself

Baek wake up,,,

He put me on bed and I opened my eyes small to see him he was looking at my lips,,

I know he wanted to kiss me like I felt too when I heard dad have you seen baek

No  shania look for him at servants quarter,,, he was talking while looking at my body when he said

Fuck I can't stop it anymore

He smashed his lips on mine and started kissing me deeply

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