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Shania 's pov.

I was in my room when I was a uncle sehun coming in

Can talk to you bby

Yes ancle what is it

Do you want your dad to remarry again??

Of course not ancle I won't allow that why do you ask

Because baek threatened me that he will be your step mom

Why ancle

Because I confronted him because baek and your dad were kissing yesterday

How dare he kiss my dad

Auncle tell me what can we do to throw him out of this house

I have a plan dia

How a out you tell him to bring you water and then start screaming like he wanted to rape you

I will do that Auncle go and tell him that

I removed my blouse when I saw him coming with water

I am so sorry baek but if you won't be mine I won't allow dad to have you either its better this way

He gave me water and I threw it down and started screaming out for help

Bby why are you crying

Dad he he wanted to rape me am so scared

Baek Hyun 's pov.

Wtf shania stop lying I have not done anything to you

Dad he is lying he said he loves me and he wants to sleep with me

Don't you dare lie I won't allow you to lie kid

Am going to make you pay for this baek

He took the phone and called the police

Within no time

The police arrived and arrested me I saw sehun, shania and chanyeol 's parent's laughing

Make sure you give him a special beat up until he won't walk and also make sure he doesn't escape

They pulled me to the vehicle and I didn't say anything because I know no one will believe me anyway but how can that brat lie

We arrived at the police station and they threw me inside the cell and started beating me up until I saw a blur in my vision

I opened my eyes to see am tied up in a house

Who is it please get me out of here

I saw sir chanyeol coming

Why have you tied me

I want to punish you,, how dare you try to rape my daughter

Punish me if you have the guts and if you believe that I can do that then go ahead and kill me I can see you have a gun

Shoot me now if you have the guts

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