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Chanyeol 's pov.

I was in my office,, sitting thinking where baek could be

I don't know even his house at all

I just married someone I really don't know

But as it is I wont let anyone hurt my children with Nana

Not now nor ever

They are the best thing could have happened to me,,, maybe baek wanted me to marry him to take his revenge on my brother

I won't allow him to come back gain in my house

Let him be with the child

This two are enough for me I don't need another child from someone who tries to hurt my children

I was thinking when I saw a man coming to my office

Are you Mr chanyeol park?

Yes please sit

Thank you

So what bring you in my office

I came to present my client

What do you mean

Baek Hyun want a divorce from you

What else do he want

Only a divorce nothing else,,

Where is the papers

Here he has already signed them

If he wants nothing to do with me I don't either

I signed them and I was left with two photocopy
This is for the best I will look for a new nanny to take care of my kids

I was thinking when my kids came to office

Dad we missed you

Me too kids

Dad are you sad Momy baek left?

No am not at all,, you two are more important than him,,, and I have something to tell you

What is it dad

Your Momy baek sent divorce papers and I signed them,, he will never come back now

Dad we are sorry

No kids let him be,, I won't let anyone hurt you at all you two are my life

Shania 's pov.

We arrived home and we went to our room

Brother do you think we should tell dad the truth

No sister let it be,,, I don't want a step mom they will take our dad away,,

Don't cry now brother

I went to school and saw my friend Tania crying

Girlfriend why are you crying

Look what my step mom did to me

She beat me up everyday and when I tell dad he just take her side

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