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Kyungsoo 's pov.

I really feel bad for my friend chanyeol since his wife died he had been so quiet I don't know what I can do to make him forget and move on,,,,

Chanyeol can I talk to you

Sure go ahead soo

Am so sorry to say this but you really need to move on please think about your kids man they need you

They are small please don't make them suffer

You are right my friend I have wronged my children I never remembered how they could feel,,,

Don't worry unite with your children and everything will be fine

Thank you soo

Chanyeol 's pov.

I went to my kid's room and saw them crying

Sister I wish mother was alive

I felt bad,,, I run to them and hugged them so tight

Am so sorry kids


Am so sorry I promise from today we will play, go out and I will take you two to school and make up with you

They were so happy I can't let them cry again,,,,

Now you two get ready we are going to the company with me

Really dady??

Yes kids

Yeeees dady we love you so much

And I love you too so much you two are the best thing could ever happen to me

Baek Hyun 's pov.

I went to my boyfriend' s house to tell him about the visa and he was so happy I thought he would get mad at me but he didn't

Sehun I will go on Monday then I promise I will come after two years

No problem bby make sure you send me all the money I will buy the house and when you come back bby we will get married

Okay sehun I really love you so much

Me too my puppy

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