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Baek Hyun 's pov.

I run quickly to look for something to hit the snake but it bited jesper and disappeared

Momy I will die

No bby

I run quickly and removed the poison with my teeth and fall down

I opened my eyes to see chanyeol and shania

Baek why did you risked your life

Because jesper is like my son

Thank you so baek for protecting my kids


Jesper are you okay now

Am fine I love you so much please don't go

I won't go and rest we need to look for that cobra


We started looking for the snake but we couldn't find it

When we heard luhan screaming for help

We all run to see him on the floor and the cobra was on the ground too

Sehun run and hit the cobra

My love wake up stop joking

This is your fault baek if anything happens to my wife you will get it from me I swear

Don't you dare yell at my mommy you are a bad person auncle you tried to kill my brother and now I hope aunt luhan is dead

Shania please calm down

I won't he is a monster

By the way if you want to be dedicated to the new book unfaithful Husband tell me and I will do so

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