Chapter Thirty-Seven

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"Did you know?" Harry asked as he felt slightly winded trying to keep up with Milo's pace. Normally, Milo didn't walk abnormally fast unless he was excited and there seemed to be something that the boy was excited about the afternoon after the Yule Ball as he was power-walking out on the Hogwarts ground. Harry had approached his older brother wanting to talk about the things he had overheard the night before when he had gone on a walk with Ron after the whole blow-out between him and Hermione while Cho was left comforting the girl. However, he couldn't find where Milo had ventured off to and since Cedric was missing, Harry wasn't sure if he actually wanted to know where they ventured off to. 

Truth be told, nothing of what Harry thought happened actually occurred, instead, Milo and Cedric had remained outside for the majority of the evening, braving the cold as Milo discussed with him what had taken place in order to reach the final step of the animagus process. He had told Cedric about Artemis and how the goddess had assisted him to prove a point. But he was sure that the majority of the conversation was ignored because Cedric was too busy cooing over the idea of Milo being an actual kitten. 

The night ended with Milo showing him once more, with the promise that it couldn't be discussed with anyone else. It had to remain between them for the safety of his name as he was still taking part in an illegal activity. Cedric promised, of course, and spent the remainder of the evening playing with his boyfriend's kitten form in the snow. It brought Milo to zone out as he led his brother along, only partially listening to what Harry was saying as he seemed stuck in a daze, his smile as solid evidence.

"Milo?" Harry called to him once more causing the boy to jump.

"Er..yes, sorry, Harry, did I know about what?"

"About Hagrid being a half-giant?" Harry asked him, bringing his brother to a halt before Milo spun around.

"Well, of course, did you think he was naturally big-boned, 'Arry?" Milo laughed to himself, but Harry just stood there quietly for a few moments.

"But he's never mentioned it before."

To continue their journey, Milo grabbed Harry by the sleeve so that they were walking once more and Harry could clearly see that they were headed to the Forbidden Forest, it definitely made sense that he was asked to bring the Invisibility Cloak along. But where they were headed, he still didn't know.

"Well, most half-breeds wouldn't make mention unless it was incredibly noticeable and even then, you won't really find them bragging about it. We live in a society when the purity of our blood is what defines us, how good or bad of a person we are. Which makes absolutely no sense, but that's the time we are living in. It's bad enough that humans have been so stuck on things such as skin colour but they even pick apart things that aren't visible, such as sexual orientation and blood purity."

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