Chapter Twenty-Five

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"Why would Sirius send us a mirror?" Harry looked up at Milo in confusion. "I mean, from what I heard, he might enjoy looking at himself, but why a mirror?"

Milo shrugged his shoulders as he lifted the mirror into his hands as the two stood outside the library in the corridors. "The mind of Sirius Black may appear simple on the outside, but on the inside, I imagine it to be something far more complex."

"You know, you two are so rude!"

The voice of Sirius came out of nowhere causing Harry to jump and Milo to scream as the mirror fell from his hands. Fortunately, Milo dove for it, his chest just hitting the ground as he caught the mirror and let out a small sigh of relief. The two Potter boys glanced around in confusion for a few seconds, wondering where the voice had come from until they heard a whistle. Slowly their heads turned and they could see the reflection in the mirror, the image of Sirius looking directly at them.

"Uh, Milo," Harry whispered to his brother, " why is Sirius inside a mirror?"

"It's probably the side effects after staring at himself for too long in become the mirror, Harry."

The two boys snorted as Sirius gave the two of them a look. "Oh yes, you two are so hilarious," he muttered. "So funny. Are you two alone?"

As Milo remained on the floor, Harry knelt down beside him and the two nodded their heads after glancing around.

"Good," Sirius began, " this is a two-way mirror. The one in your hands used to belong to your dad. We would use them whenever we had to serve separate detentions, all you have to do is say my name and I'll appear. I'll have this one on me so we can talk about what's going on at the castle, without us all actually being there. Might raise some which one of you could explain to me what the hell is going on?"

"To be honest, Sirius," Harry said, " we're still trying to figure that part out ourselves."

"What we do know," Milo interjected, " is that someone wanted Harry to compete and placed his name in the Goblet. Moody suspected that someone was going off the chance that Harry could be killed. So they wanted him to compete, but I don't think they were counting on the blood trade that I made."

"I don't think anyone was counting on that, Milo," Sirius replied, " you have Elspeth and Remus pacing the floors over here to the point where it makes me dizzy watching them. Willow thought it was some sort of dance and wanted to learn it."

"Are they angry with me?" Milo asked quietly.

They could see Sirius shake his head, which settled Milo's nerves a little bit. " Not angry with you, Milo, or with you, Harry. You two didn't do anything but find yourselves mixed up in the trouble. But that's to be expected, Potter blood carries trouble. They're upset because somehow you two are still involved in the tournament despite being underage. Just let them keep going, I'm sure they'll tire themselves out eventually. Then I'll introduce Willow to the customs of what one should do to those that fall asleep first at parties."

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