Chapter Ten

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"Dress robes?" Cedric repeated as he watched Milo pace back and forth inside the Three Broomsticks the next morning. "Why would Elspeth buy me dress robes?"

Milo had shown up early morning, which surprised pretty much everyone as they expected the boy to sleep in late. However, Rosmerta had to assume that Cedric had worked some sort of charm on the boy to motivate Milo out of bed. The two boys were supposed to head to Diagon Alley, for the last minute trip to collect some school supplies before the school year began. While Cedric believed that Milo was just excited over the trip, it seemed the boy had more information to share that he had overheard the night before. 

"I don't know," Milo shrugged, "I didn't get to ask. I didn't want my mum and Elspeth to turn that I was eavesdropping on their conversation."

"Milo, you were eavesdropping on their conversation," Cedric chuckled, only have Milo turn and face him.

"Yeah, but they don't know that, Cedric!"

Milo had waited until Rosmerta was out of earshot to disclose the information he had overheard discussed between the two women. Such as the retired Auror, Mad-Eye Moody taking a teaching position that school year as the Defence Against the Dark Arts professor and the fact, that Elspeth had bought Cedric dress robes, which were currently inside the McGonagall household, wherever Minerva had Milo's stored away. Neither boy had the slightest clue as to what occasion would call for dress robes but Cedric wasn't worried about it. Unlike Milo, who revealed that he was completely paranoid about the upcoming year.

He suspected that the upcoming year was going to involve more drama than the last three combined. Cedric understood the paranoia, considering each year had escalated with something new, but he couldn't see what could possibly top the fact that Milo had been helping an accused murderer throughout the year, only to help prove the man's innocence and catch the true murderer. The only thing that could top such a situation would more than likely result in a death and Cedric hoped more than anything that Milo was wrong. 

Pushing himself up from the stool, he walked over to Milo and placed his hands on both of the boy's shoulders. "You need to relax. Stop worrying about the term that hasn't even started yet. We're going to Diagon Alley today, we're going to pick up the school supplies we need, then we're going to come back here. The school year is going to begin, we'll have a new professor that we're going to give a fair chance, and it's going to be a nice year. Okay?"


"Say it. It's going to be a nice year."

"But Ced-"



Cedric smiled and then tapped Milo lightly on the face. "That's a good boy."

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