Chapter Thirty-Nine

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Following the discovery of the egg's secrets and enjoying a nice Christmas celebration among his family, Milo didn't want to think of classes anymore and he certainly didn't want to go back to facing familiar faces such as Snape or Professor Moody. He had been enjoying his time in the company of his boyfriend, his brother, as well as getting Remus used to the idea of being a proud owner of a mooncalf. Of course, it was probably going to take a bit of time for Remus to get used to the idea, but Willow was fully on board, already following through with the name of Moony. All throughout the time they had spent in Hogsmeade, whenever anyone said Moony, both the man and mooncalf responded leaving it to be a bit confusing but hilarious at the same time.

Before Milo left though, Remus had taken to feeding little Moony, so needless to say, it was probably going to work out better than he expected. Or if Remus didn't want the mooncalf, he was sure that Willow wasn't going to give much of an option besides keeping it because she already fell in love with the creature as soon as he fell asleep in her lap for the evening. Remus was going to have to fight an uphill battle if he decided he didn't want it in his home. 

However, Milo did manage to break one rule and promise that he had made with his mother as he found himself in Hogsmeade. He couldn't help himself as he had found himself alone outside with Remus and Sirius before blurting out that he had finally accomplished what he had set out to do awhile back.

"I did it," he informed the two men, bringing them to look over at him in confusion, but the wide grin on the boy's face made his message clear. Suddenly, it was like being back in fifth year all over again for Remus and Sirius, when the boys with the exception of Remus had mastered their animagus form. Remus remembered just how delighted they all were to figure it out and it meant that he would actually have company on nights of the full moon. It was a long and difficult journey for all of them but they had managed.

Milo showed his father's perseverance of keeping at the task even when a million different things were going on around him. It was great to have James show up in the littlest of ways having Milo and Harry around. It provided comfort to the adults that had planned to share their friendship with him and Lily for so many years but were cheated out of the experience. 

"Well, what was your form? Stag like your old man?" Sirius asked with a grin, but Milo's smile suddenly faded as he quickly turned red in the face. Remus raised a brow at his godson, the sound of laughter coming from inside as the others were preoccupied with whatever story Elspeth was telling. 

"Not a stag?" Remus suggested bringing both men to suddenly became extremely curious.

"If either one of you laugh, I'll...I'll...I'll do something!" Milo attempted to threaten both of them, although failed to come up with a proper threat. "I mean it, no laughing!"

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