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Slytherin Roar || Tom Riddle's Era by deepflourishroses
Slytherin Roar || Tom Riddle's Eraby deepflourishroses
"Aw, did you burn yourself, Pearce?" Abraxas smiled in fake sympathy. Glancing towards his pool of bubbliness, I murmured, "Your potion is over boiling...
One Of A Kind || Elijah Mikaelson by fenghuang814
One Of A Kind || Elijah Mikaelsonby fenghuang814
Does it take someone 600 years before they realize they're in love? What happens if you walk amongst monsters and demons? When, where, and how do you tell the difference...
Solangelo go to hogwarts by A-Tomb-With-A-View
Solangelo go to hogwartsby A Tomb With a View
Hecate requests that Solangelo travel to Hogwarts to save her son, Sirius Black, and prevent the wizarding war by helping Harry kill Voldemort before countless more die.
The Hidden Half-Blood Prince by thornjinx23905
The Hidden Half-Blood Princeby SparkleGirl
Betrayed by all of his friends, Percy flees to England and adopts a new family and culture...of wizards? Join our favorite hero as he survives his new days as Percy Weas...
Another Evil Grandfather 《COMPLETED》 by League_to_Legend
Another Evil Grandfather 《COMPLETE...by Ellie
Percy had his day planned: eat, spend time with Annabeth and stay out of trouble. I can assure you that nowhere in that plan included getting a visit from Gandalf and a...
Percy Jackson Champion of Hecate by Conevent49
Percy Jackson Champion of Hecateby Conevent49
Percy Jackson is blamed by Poseidon for Sally's death and is disowned. Annabeth convinced camp that Percy was Kronos's spy and they kicked him out of camp. Hecate saves...
Leonora Potter-childhood not very childish(Fem Harry Potter/crossover) by LeonoraPotter
Leonora Potter-childhood not very...by Leonora Potter
She knew the shadows before the sea shores, this is the story of a demigoddess who'll one day be the strongest one of her time if not of all time and how she become so...
Collision (PJO/HP Crossover) by music_and_literature
Collision (PJO/HP Crossover)by Tara
~Completed~ All is as it should be. Percy Jackson and Annabeth Chase can finally relax after Gaea has returned to her slumber. Both are alive and excited for their futur...
persephone ✔ by simp4riddleandlevi
persephone ✔by ♡Πίστις♡
a retelling of the tale of persephone and hades --- highest rankings - #1 in greek, god, greek mythology, hades, hecate, olympus --- ❝she wore silk dresses and flower cr...
Half-bloods at Hogwarts {currently under major editing} by sushi_melon
Half-bloods at Hogwarts {currently...by Sushi
The half-bloods go undercover at Hogwarts, will they finish the year? Who is going to mess up their quiet? Because let's face it somebody will, read to find out. Disclai...
Percy Jackson new life. (up for adoption) by percybecool
Percy Jackson new life. (up for ad...by percybecool
Cover by @Sapphireblue12312 Percy was betrayed. He is now alone in the world until a goddess saves him and gives him a second chance. He now has to protect a powerful wi...
The Blind Son of Lupa by BatsBicycle5877
The Blind Son of Lupaby BatsBicycle5877
Percy is a son of Lupa and Lycaon... and he's born blind. Lycaon kidnaps him but quickly notices that he can't see. And so he kicks Percy out of the pack. Now, Percy is...
Percy Jackson's Twin Sister: Part 2  by josh973
Percy Jackson's Twin Sister: Part...by Joshua :)
Marina Jackson is back, and this time she has new powers. Jack Frost, her new mentor, has to teach her how to master her brand new powers in Night Academy, where she'll...
Hades and Persephone a love through all Times by NikkiKohk
Hades and Persephone a love throug...by NikkiKohk
Hades and Persephone have been married for several decades now, but the story is split, part of it is them currently going though their daily lives while other parts are...
Going Back in Time (Percy Jackson and Merlin Crossover) by Lennox_McKay
Going Back in Time (Percy Jackson...by Lennox_McKay
Percy Jackson just found out his girlfriend had been cheating on him. Now he is thrust onto a quest to help save the King of Camelot and a certain powerful wizard from G...
Qué pasa si Naruto era el hijo de Hécate by DANTE477
Qué pasa si Naruto era el hijo de...by Dante
¿Qué pasa si Naruto era el hijo de Hécate y fue criado por los cazadores de Artemisa que aún no se han conocido?
Demigod, meet wizard (Percy Jackson/Harry Potter crossover fanfic) by Tahala118
Demigod, meet wizard (Percy Jackso...by Tala Abernathy
Just your typical Nico di Angelo goes to Hogwarts story, except where it isn't. (I hope) Nico just wanted to live a normal life, or at least as normal as you can get for...
The Promise of a Hero by Lemilight
The Promise of a Heroby Uncertainty
Book 2: Nico di Angelo/Spider-Man Homecoming. Hades decides that Nico needs to interact with the living after what happened during the battle against Ultron, so he sends...
UnOrdinary fanfic by greentea4078
UnOrdinary fanficby green🌿tea🍵
Unordinary characters are sent by Headmaster Vaughn to Camp Half Blood to clean up the mess the two wars made. How will PJO and HOO characters react to the newcomers? H...
Different Side Of Me《COMPLETED》*Under Editing* by League_to_Legend
Different Side Of Me《COMPLETED》*Un...by Ellie
!Set before Trials of Apollo! A potion made by a daughter of Hecate goes wrong and makes the person act the complete opposite of how they normally would. The Stoll broth...