Chapter Fifty-Three

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The day of the Third Task, Harry couldn't bring himself to settle down, mainly because he knew that his brother was going to be going up against plenty. While he had all the faith in the world that Milo would be able to make it through without trouble, especially considering the task dealt with magical creatures, it didn't leave Harry any less nervous. With their godmother missing and no sign of her returning anytime soon, it was best to be cautious about everything. It didn't help that he had to focus on his exams and it was almost as if he had retained nothing from the year as each written portion left him staring blankly at the parchment paper for more than a few minutes at a time. 

Glancing over in the other directions, he could see Hermione working diligently while Ron focused on the ceiling as if he would find the answers somehow plastered up there. He cursed himself for going back and forth between his thoughts, when he was supposed to be writing down Transfiguration equations, he was thinking about ways he could help Milo face the Third Task. But it was fairly useless for him to think of such things since he wouldn't be able to enter the maze with his brother. 

He could see it on Professor McGonagall's face as well, she was incredibly worried as one would expect a mother-to-be. She didn't have her usual stern gaze on her face, instead, in the most recent of days, she just looked like a worried mother. Perhaps similar to Mrs Weasley when she had discovered that the boys had taken the family car out that night to rescue Harry back in his second year. It was so odd to see the woman in such a state, but it truly showed in Harry's mind what he had been missing out on.

All the times that he had ridiculed Milo for seeing someone else as his mother after their mother and father had sacrificed themselves for their lives. Harry figured it was almost like a betrayal to look at another person in such a way, but he realised in those moments, it was nothing but pure jealousy that was coming from him. Jealous of his brother's home life and how so many people seemed to care about his well-being, even when they were out of school, why Harry only had the Dursleys to return to. He was sure if he turned up dead, the Dursleys wouldn't even blink an eye at the news if anything they would probably celebrate or something. 

But if anything happened to Milo, people would be absolutely devastated, it wasn't just the fact Milo saw McGonagall as his mother, she saw him as her son. Harry had to wonder how his life would have turned out if it had been the other way around. What if Milo had gone to live with the Dursleys, would he have found himself in the care of McGonagall? Would he be calling her "Mum?" Would she be worrying about him in those moments? Stressing over such matters as she worried about her son?

That's what killed Harry, the idea of not being anyone's son in many ways. Sure, he had the Weasleys and Arthur and Molly treated him like one of their own, but it wasn't the same. Not to mention, Sirius and Elspeth were his godparents, but they also had their own son, so that wasn't the same either. But his brother had so much more, he had someone to call his mother and someone calling him son. Deep down and even on the surface, Harry wanted that too. 

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