Chapter Fifty-One

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While Milo was busy beating himself over Elspeth's disappearance, he wasn't paying any mind to the approaching Third Task. He honestly didn't care anything about it, all he wanted to do was get his godmother back and apologise profusely for putting herself in harm's way. Of course, one could argue that she was in harm's way plenty of times, considering she was an Auror, her profession placed her working against the Dark Arts. But that didn't mean that Milo wanted to put her at further risk and unfortunately, he had done so. There was a fifty-fifty chance of the cause behind her disappearance having to do with following Moody or tracking down Barty Crouch. 

Either way, Milo was more than willing to believe that he was at fault even if it made him feel terrible. Everyone who knew what happened tried to reassure Milo that it wasn't his fault, even Silas. The boy was practically in shambles, very much like his father, but he still went out of his way to tell Milo that he didn't need to blame himself. Whoever had taken Elspeth was at fault and it was as simple as that. But it wasn't that cut and dry in Milo's head and he wouldn't be able to settle himself until she was back. 

Harry didn't fully understand what was taking place as all the information was not fully disclosed to him. It wasn't that they didn't want to share it with him, they simply couldn't tell him everything. They couldn't tell him all the reasons as to why Moody was a suspect of foul play mainly because all the visions that Milo had were given to him with the aid of the gods. Harry was in the dark once again and he was upset as well because he didn't have the slightest idea as to why his godmother had gone missing. He placed the blame on the search for Barty Crouch, believing that darker forces were at work, but he honestly had no idea.

Milo wished that he had the Marauder's Map back in his possession because if there was the slightest chance, maybe he could see her on the map. But then he realised that she was untraceable and even the wonders of the map could not find her. Students were buckling down for their exams and while Milo was exempt, he honestly wish that he had the distraction of the exams to keep his mind occupied. 

"No good will come with blaming yourself," Artemis told the boy one afternoon. Milo had been crying to himself, blaming himself for all that had happened, when the goddess approached him. But she wasn't alone as Athena offered her company as well.

"Artemis speaks the truth, Milo," Athena chimed in, " The disappearance of Hades' girl-"

"Her name is Elspeth!" Milo corrected her sharply. He was fully aware that the goddesses knew his godmother's name, but he was feeling quite defensive at the time and he didn't like the way they just brushed off her name. She was so much more than just "Hades' girl" as they put it. She had done so much to carry honour in her name and he wanted them to respect that by calling her it.  

"Her name is Elspeth Hayes-Black and you will do well to call her that. It's out of respect especially considering if we don't know if she's okay," Milo whispered. "I hope she's okay and if she's not, it's all my fault. I'm the one who put her up to the task-"

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