Chapter Forty-Two

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Milo clapped his hands over his ears to drown out the loud "awwing" brought on by Heidi and Max as he sat with them in the greenhouses after Herbology. Barely getting any sleep the night before and acting particularly jumpy throughout the morning, Heidi and Max wanted to know just what the hell was going on with the boy and finally, at the end of class, they were able to get Milo to crack. He finally confessed that he had been drifting off to sleep the night before when Cedric had kissed his forehead and told him that he loved him. Although Milo was fairly certain that Cedric thought that he had already fallen asleep when he said it, nonetheless, it left Milo feeling incredibly jittery. 

It wasn't as if Cedric had muttered something offensive or insulting, but to Milo, it still managed to leave him breathless as if he were punched in the stomach. He was thankful that he woke up to Cedric already gone in the morning because he was sure he would have made an absolute fool out of himself just trying to say good morning to the boy. He didn't know why he was feeling so nervous and worked up, it was bound to happen at some point. The two of them had been dating for awhile and it was confirmed by the goddess, Artemis herself, along with others that they were in fact, soulmates. Yet, Milo still found himself on the verge of throwing up.

Vomiting was not the appropriate response to someone professing their love, and it wasn't to say that Milo felt sick to his stomach because of Cedric, he was just so full of nerves that he was expected to say it back when the time came and he wasn't sure if he would be able to utter out the three little words that held so much importance. 

"I love you" had lost a lot of its meaning as Milo witnessed it growing up, people throwing it at each other without really meaning it, it was more common than one thought. However, Milo knew what it meant to love someone, he knew what it was like to love multiple people. He just loved them all in different ways. He didn't love his mother and Elspeth in the same way because they were two different people in his life that held different impacts, but he loved them equally at the same time. 

It was hard for him to explain to himself and if he tried to explain it to others, he would probably be met with the same looks as when he started to ramble on about Billywigs or another equally as interesting creature. 

When it came to Cedric, once again, it was a different type of love that Milo felt for him because it had definitely changed over time as Cedric changed roles. Initially, Milo loved Cedric just as much as he loved Heidi and Max because they were his closest friends. Then at one point, Cedric and Harry were close to each other in the respects that Milo viewed both of them as family and loved them just the same. But then everything became different between the two as other feelings developed. 

Suddenly, Cedric was in a whole category of his own, not friend or family, but just Cedric. It had been easier for Milo to confess what he felt because he had always been blunt, yet honest type when it came to such things. However, for Cedric, the feelings they shared with each other, started much sooner for him than they did with Milo. Milo still believed he had feelings for Katie, nothing more than a status of a crush, but still, he believed there was something there, while Cedric was hoping that there was something between them. 

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