Chapter Thirty-One

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After the awkward situation of Indra breaking from the clearing, everyone thought it would be best to just leave the meeting at that. Athena's approach had been far too blunt and for Fred and Indra that weren't even dating at the time, perhaps it had been too much for Indra to hear right away. It didn't help as Fred stood with a crestfallen expression as George patted his shoulder and whispered reassuring words to his brother. Hermes left the clearing as well in pursuit of Indra to speak with her and while Milo wanted to see if she was alright, he had other matters to attend to as his parents approached him.

At first, Milo didn't understand the worried expression that was written across Lily's face, until she pulled him into a tight hug and asked him what had been going through his mind when he thought about making the blood trade. He was left confused because surely, they had to understand why he did it? He obviously didn't do it for the thrills or the fun of it, he had done it to protect Harry. All three Potter family members had done something sacrificial in order to protect Harry, it wasn't something that had become a new concept.

Of course, it didn't make him feel any better as his mother cried over his shoulder, claiming that she didn't want either one of them involved in the tournament. That he could understand but he tried to explain to her that there really wasn't another option if he wanted to ensure that Harry was going to be safe.

"You should have heard him," Milo told his parents, " the way he said he just wanted to have a normal year. I knew I could give that to him, at least, to the best of my abilities."

"Milo, Harry is your brother," James told him, once again, Milo wondered if he was going to be in for another round of 'State the Obvious.' "But he is not your responsibility. I think it's great that you want to protect him, but you shouldn't put yourself in harm's way to do so-"

"But you did that for your brothers," Milo pointed out, leaving the clearing silent. James couldn't bring himself to argue his son's point right away as he looked across the clearing where Sirius stood with his family and where Remus stood with Willow. It was true, he had put himself in harm's way many of times for his brothers, for his family, and all those that he cared about and it seemed his sons were following in the same footsteps. However, while he admired their bravery and strength as they were much younger, fighting a completely different battle, he knew the consequences better than they did.

His sacrifices went beyond his life, they went to the extent of being able to see his sons grow up but not being able to be the one raising them. He had to just stand there and watch which turned out to be more painful than death itself. When he wanted to help and step in, he couldn't because he was limited with his actions, he could only pray that his sons would do what they thought was right and it would all turn out well. 

"You did that for them and I want to do this for Harry," Milo continued, " after everything he has been through, I know I don't have to do it, I want to."

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