Chapter Fifteen

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With the help of the godparents interfering and trying to help Harry and Milo understand the bond that could take place between them, things didn't seem so hostile between the Potter boys. Of course, they still wouldn't claim that they were best friends, but they could admit to one another that they were brothers. Although in the back of Milo's mind, there was still the pain of hearing that Hermione and Ron were viewed more as siblings than himself. But at the same time, it sounded about right in Milo's head because Harry spent so much time around them. However, before their godparents left them for the evening so the boys could head off to dinner, Harry and Milo promised they would try harder.

Harry said that he would put in the effort to be there for his brother as much as Milo was there for him, mainly because it sounded and looked like Milo was going through plenty of stress of his own.  Milo decided to cut Harry some slack for not being the first to greet him, mainly because they were ridiculous expectations that he was placing on his brother, who had his own matters to worry about. The two just needed to get a basic understanding that they were not two or one anymore, their parents weren't around, and circumstances had left things to be different for them. But while things were different, not everything had to be different, they could still go back to the way things were in some ways.

It was proven in the moment where Milo had let out a dragon screech and Harry followed up with a laugh. They could still be brothers, not all was lost, even if it was proving to be difficult for the two to actually bond. However, Milo had to confess something to the adults before they left, and he wanted Harry to be present for it.

"I think someone is set on keeping us apart," Milo told the adults, leaving them all with wide-eyed expressions for the first couple of seconds. Harry didn't look surprised though, it had been one of his suspicions as well while also thinking that Milo hadn't sent anything at all. 

"What makes you say that, Milo?" Sirius asked. "Who would want to keep you two apart?"

His tone wasn't full of disbelief, just confusion of who it would be and why they would do such a thing.

"I don't know," Milo answered honestly, "I don't know, but I think someone is. Only my letters didn't reach Harry, but I sent letters to all of you throughout the summer and they reached you. They reached Cedric, so why not Harry? He received the post from everyone else while he was at the Dursleys. If he could get away with receiving the post from you, Sirius, the godfather that he's been threatening them with all summer, why would they just intercept my letters. I don't think it was a muggle, I think it was a witch or a wizard."

"That's a big accusation," Remus interjected, "I'm not saying you're wrong, Milo, but that is a big accusation. Interfering with the post is illegal in the muggle world and it is just as illegal in the wizarding world."

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