Chapter Forty

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Milo's plan to get justice for what was said about Hagrid was going to have to wait a bit longer as it would take time for his plan to go through. However, in the meantime, Harry, Ron, Hermione, and even Dumbledore had convinced Hagrid to come back to his teaching position. Although according to the story that Harry shared with his brother, Dumbledore really wasn't taking no for an answer, he expected Hagrid to return to work that following Monday. In Milo's mind, he could see how happy his brother was that Dumbledore interfered and even Milo had to admit that he was thankful about Hagrid's return, but Dumbledore still rubbed him the wrong way. The boy had a feeling that if it had just been Hagrid under fire, it would have remained that way. 

But Dumbledore's name had been dragged through the mud, he was labelled as the one who had made the 'mistake' of hiring Hagrid. However, Milo had the idea in his head that if his name hadn't been mentioned in the article, Dumbledore wouldn't have made it such a scene to interfere. He was now considered even more of a hero in the eyes of Harry, his friends, and of course, Hagrid. Milo wasn't exactly falling for the 'kind gesture.' He still didn't trust Dumbledore but he couldn't voice such things, apparently with Rita Skeeter able to pick up information without being present. 

The best thing to do would be to remain silent until he gathered enough evidence to sort things out on his own. He wouldn't dare make a false accusation against someone without having solid evidence to back up his statement, his mother would hang him by his ankles to dry if he did such a thing. In the meantime, Milo just took the situation as something to be thankful for, not thankful for Dumbledore, but thankful that Hagrid was going back to work. 

The world needed teachers like Hagrid, just like they needed teachers like Milo's mother. It was a perfect balance of hands-on to the textbook experience, something Milo wouldn't trade for any of the wizarding schools in the world. 

With the egg figured out, it was Harry's responsibility to inform Angelina, it was best that they all remain on equal terms somehow. Milo wasn't even supposed to be in the tournament, so he only felt as though it was right. But Harry came back with the news that Angelina had already figured out the egg, in fact, she was waiting for a moment of privacy to tell Milo. That left Viktor and Fleur as the only champions that Milo wasn't sure if they knew or not. The problem was, he knew there was some cheating taking place in the tournament.

Fleur and Viktor knew about the dragons, only Milo and Angelina would have been left in the dark if it wasn't for Gwen slipping in information. But Madam Maxime and Karkaroff had figured out the first task and told their champions. They were determined to win, just like Angelina was determined to bring the victory home for Hogwarts. Milo had zero interest in actually winning anything, he just wanted to remain alive and well. 

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