Chapter Fifty-Six

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Harry didn't hesitate to listen to his godmother as her voice sounded all too urgent and with the idea of his brother in danger to the point where the Auror was concerned about his life, Harry knew he had to get inside the maze and quickly. Fortunately, with Elspeth, she was fast and she knew her way around to get into the maze without drawing attention to themselves. She was able to clear through the hedges swiftly, leading him along as they kept an eye out for Milo. Several times, they came across some blast-ended skrewts but the woman was skilled enough to get them out of their way within seconds. 

"What did you mean that it was all a setup?" Harry asked as he ran alongside Elspeth. "Who wanted to set Milo up?"

"It wasn't a setup for Milo, it was a setup for you," Elspeth called to him over her shoulder. "It was just how things set up that Milo interfered with the original plans, leaving you safe. "

"I don't understand. So it was true, someone put my name in the goblet, because they wanted me to compete, right?"


"But why? Who would want to put me in the tournament?"

"There are wizards and witches out there, Harry, that want to see you dead. You and your brother Milo. He's been the one that's protected you thus far, but with him out of the way, you'll be exposed and that puts you in danger again. You're both in grave danger, Harry."

Harry's mind was racing as he followed his godmother, praying that Milo was alright and no harm had come to him, but he simply couldn't forget that he had heard his brother screaming before they had entered the maze. It had finally stopped but Harry wasn't sure what was worse, hearing screams come from the maze or hearing nothing but complete silence. They hadn't even run into any of the other Champions. 

Fleur, Viktor, and Angelina were nowhere to be seen as well as Milo. 

The boy had to keep telling himself that Milo was going to be alright, all the competitors were going to be just fine. They were just caught up in a mess, but now that Elspeth was with them, a trained Auror, everything would turn out just fine. At least that's what he had to keep telling himself in order to keep moving forward. 

"Elspeth, is that where you were? Figuring all this stuff out?" Harry asked her. "You just disappeared. Everyone was worried about you, we all thought that-"

"You thought I was dead?" Elspeth questioned coming to a halt. Harry stopped abruptly, looking awfully confused as he took a step back from her. She was completely still, her back facing him as Harry waited for her to say something before he spoke.

Suddenly, Elspeth started to laugh and Harry felt his skin start to crawl as he didn't understand what was taking place.


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