Chapter Five

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Harry definitely seemed quite happy to be in the presence of both of his godparents upon greeting Sirius and Elspeth, while exchanging an awkward hello with Silas. It appeared as though that two weren't nearly as close as Milo and Silas were and it was made more than obvious when the younger boy ran over and grabbed Milo's hand, asking if they could go check out the vendors together. Unbeknownst to Milo, his brother felt a slight surge of jealousy to see how well the two got along as they were practically bouncing around in place, talking about several things that he couldn't even try to understand. Of course, he didn't dare say anything, especially in the company of everyone around them, but it definitely pained him to see Milo act brotherly with someone else, who technically wasn't even blood. 

"Sorry, Harry," Milo called to him, "but I've kept Silas waiting all morning, if he waits any longer, I'm sure he'll be fit to burst. D-do you want to come with us?"

Harry's green eyes flickered towards Silas, who was practically hanging off Milo's arm, pulling the Potter boy towards the exit of the tent. "No," he finally answered, "you two go on. I'll stay here, we still have to get water for Mr. Weas-"

He didn't even get a chance to finish his sentence before Silas cut him off. "Okay, let's go!" The boy cried out happily before he and Milo disappeared from view. Although the sounds of the two laughing as they ran off left Harry to glance down at his shoes with a bitter taste left in his mouth. 

"Don't worry," Elspeth seemed to pick up on some of his emotions, "you two will have plenty of time to play catch up. After all, from everything he told us in his letters, you two will have loads to talk about."

"You received letters from him? While he was in Brazil?"

The look on Elspeth's face, definitely spoke volumes as if she were internally kicking herself for bringing up the topic in the first place. She swallowed as she forced a smile on her face, leaving her wearing an uneasy grin. "Well, yes, but he could hardly cover what he wanted to tell us in those, so they hardly count as anything."

Harry wasn't hearing much of what she said after he realised that everyone had received letters from Milo over the summer. When Harry didn't hear anything from his brother, he assumed it was just because he was busy, but Milo claimed he had received his letters and had been sending his own. However, it didn't make sense that all the other letters and parcels would make their way to the others and not to him.

 Unless perhaps, Milo was lying about it. 

It was the last thing that Harry wanted to believe but he couldn't deny that it was the first thing that came to mind. He had told Milo not to worry about it, reassuring his older brother that things were fine between them, but to hear that other people had gotten letters, it didn't make sense. Harry didn't make the connection of interference because the rest of the post hadn't been intercepted making its ways to Privet Drive.

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