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Welcome to my profile, as you can see, I'm Kitty Bell. I'm a twenty-five-year-old (soon to be twenty-six) children's behavioural therapist, originally from Connecticut. I've been writing since I could actually start writing my stories down, my first story being about a nun who became a rock star.

Holy rock and roller, Sister Anne.

From there, I decided to take my writing in the direction of fantasy. Throughout my profile, you'll find stories from fanfiction to originals, from fantasy to romance and a whole lot in between.

Little things about me :
⭐ Proud Gryffindor
⭐ Rowling Inspired
⭐ Roald Dahl Enthusiast
⭐ Chocolate Addict
⭐ Fandoms: Harry Potter, Marvel, FRIENDS,

Five C's of Kitty :
I have an addiction to cliffhangers and plot twists. Readers beware, you're going to lose some hair.

You can also follow me here:
Facebook: Kitty Bell
Instagram: kmbell92
Youtube: Kitty Bell

(I usually hold an Instagram Live at least once a month as well as make YouTube videos that answer your questions)

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