Hi! I'm Kitty and welcome to my profile! To get to know me, just know the four basic C's of Kitty.
I have an addiction to cliffhangers and plot twists. Readers beware...you're going to lose some hair.

Clever Girl {J. W.} Series:
1: Clever Girl
2: Nine to Survival
3: Legacy

Written in Bones {J. W.} Series:
1: Written in Bones
2: Off Grid

Behind the Camera {Chris Pratt} Series:
1: Behind the Camera
2: Capture the Moments
3: Memories in the Making

Book 1:Project W.O.N.D.E.R.L.A.N.D

Marvel Cinematic Universe
Alley Cat

Tightly Knit {Harry Potter}Series:

Prequel : Haunting of Judith Wagner
1: Tightly Knit (Fred Weasley)
2: Gunpowder and Cinnamon (Fred Weasley)
3: Raising Hope (Fred Weasley)
4: Last First Kiss (HP next generation)

1: Skinny Dipping With a Mermaid (Sirius Black)
2: Rough Waters (Sirius Black)
3: Last First Kiss (HP next generation)

Prequel :Roots {Charlie Weasley}
1: Imagine Dragons { Charlie Weasley}

1: Brave { Neville Longbottom}
2: Courage {Neville Longbottom}

1: Battle Scars {Draco Malfoy}

1:Acrimony {Newt Scamander}
2:Rectify {Newt Scamander}

Disney Series {Harry Potter}:
1: Redemption of the Rat {Peter Pettigrew}
2: Belle {Remus Lupin} {Discontinued}
3: Alice {Percy Weasley}

The Crow Series {Harry Potter}:
1: Cawing of The Crow
2: Metamorphic {Nymphadora Tonks}
3: Idiosyncrasy {Harry Potter}

Gossip Series:
1: Gossip {Sherlock Holmes/Harry Potter}

Immortal Flame series :
1: Pandora's Box

Echoic series : Tightly Knit AU
Book 1: Mona Lisa Smile {Bill Weasley}
Book 2: Stranger Things {Ron Weasley}

Other HP books :
Sealed Lips {Marauders Era}
Loyal Ambition {Blaise Zabini}
Crusader {Narnia Crossover}
Stranger than Fiction {Remus Lupin}
Firefly {Golden Trio Era}

The King's Keeper
Tightly Knit
Saturday Mornings
The Alchemist
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