Chapter One

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Milo never gave a specific time or day as to when he was returning home, which only left those anticipating his arrival to become even more anxious about it. Minerva and Cedric were probably among the ones who expressed that they wanted him home the most, but there were certainly plenty of others that felt the same way. Sirius and Elspeth had come into the Three Broomsticks several times with Silas, wondering if there was any news about Milo's arrival date. Apparently, Silas really wanted to hang out with Milo and talk about a few things, during their limited interactions throughout the school and during the previous summer, it seemed the young Gryffindor attached himself to the Hufflepuff.

Elspeth jokingly said that Harry was going to have competition being Milo's little brother as Silas was definitely starting to look to Milo as his own big brother that he didn't have. Cedric was glad Harry wasn't around to hear that because even if it was a joke, he was fairly certain that Harry wouldn't find it very funny. Mainly because in the recent times, Harry was trying to be a better brother to Milo, it just seemed events around them were destined to cause some form of a strain on their relationship. It was as if the forces of nature were against Milo and Harry sharing a close brotherly bond and Cedric knew it bothered the hell out of Milo just thinking about it. 

But he also knew that Milo was a very comforting person, extremely kind to the people he knew and strangers alike, which probably led Silas to attach himself to the boy when he was feeling extremely vulnerable. As Cedric observed from the interactions in the Three Broomsticks, every day the family was getting a little bit closer, but they weren't quite there yet. Sirius and Silas shared a few laughs more than often and Cedric was sure that Elspeth was leaving the two alone on purpose in order for the father and son to bond. 

Cedric hoped for the family's sake that everything worked out because out of plenty of people he had met, he believed the Black/Hayes family definitely deserved a happy ending of sorts. He remembered when the news reported his innocent and how many people were outraged that the Ministry would make such a mistake. Not only that, they weren't asking for Peter to rot away in Azkaban with the dementors, they were asking basically for the man's head. There were plenty that did not trust Peter and believed that he would escape or help other Death Eater's escape.

 Especially since Sirius had been able to do it before.

However, with Elspeth as the residing Hit Witch over the case, she made it quite clear that Peter was not going to escape. Revealing that the man was an illegal animagus, Peter was placed in a special cell that even a rat couldn't bring himself out of it and even more unfortunate for Peter, was the fact that since the night that the entire incident unravelled, he didn't have the use of his lower legs. Perhaps they could have healed that aspect of it, but Fudge decided that it was part of his punishment for the man to remain that way.

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