Chapter Two

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Milo was incredibly content leaving the Three Broomsticks as Cedric offered to carry him on his back. Rosmerta offered both boys breakfast, but they declined. Mainly because Milo wanted to head up to the castle and inform his mother that he was back, he didn't plan on staying up there long as he was sure the castle wanted a break from children as long as it was going to last. He promised he would be back for his belongings when they returned to Hogsmeade. The two boys were just hoping to catch up on everything that they couldn't fit in their letters back and forth to each other, but that was certainly going to have to wait. As the two were making their way through Hogsmeade, someone decided to launch themselves onto Milo's back, which took both of them down.

Milo rolled off to the side, recovering a lot faster than Cedric, only to have them look up and see Silas smiling at them from across the way. "You're back!" Silas exclaimed happily. "I thought that was you but I wasn't sure. So there was only one way to find out."

"By tackling us?" Cedric asked the boy as he groaned and rubbed his back.

Silas glanced over at him. "Of course," he said, "how else would I be able to find out, Cedric? Don't be silly."

"Yeah, Cedric, don't be silly," Milo called out in a teasing tone causing Cedric to shoot him a look. But already, Milo was pushing himself up to his feet and Silas was practically bouncing about in place before he ran over and gave Milo a hug. 

"We didn't know when you were coming back!" Silas told him. "But Mum and Dad are going to be really happy that you're home."

Milo raised a brow at Silas' use of the word "Dad" to call Sirius, as he wasn't expecting it, but he was glad to hear that Silas was happy enough to use it. It meant that while he was gone that the two were actually getting along quite well. He had to wonder though, just how much did Sirius and Elspeth inform their son about their ties with Hades and Nyx? That would be a conversation for another time as he spotted the couple making their way towards him, nearly sharing amount of Silas' excitement upon greeting him.

"How come you didn't tell us that you were due home?" Elspeth questioned him after releasing Milo from a hug.

"Well, it was supposed to be a surprise, you don't announce surprises, Aunt El," Milo smiled before greeting Sirius with a hug. He glanced around for a few seconds before turning his attention back to the adults. "Where's Uncle Remus?"

Elspeth and Sirius exchanged looks with one another before she nudged Sirius to speak. "Er...well, I think he went on a bit of a holiday," the man said scratching the back of his head in an awkward fashion, "unannounced."

Milo frowned for a few seconds, hoping that Remus hadn't gone back on his word and ran off somewhere, however, if he did, it seemed Milo couldn't really blame him. He hadn't been home to stop Remus or reassure the man that everything was still alright, but he had hoped that his absence would help Remus so that he wasn't looking at the scars directly every day.

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