Chapter Eight

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When the early morning came, the adults thought it would be best to let the children sleep for as long as they possibly could. Already, families and others that had come far and wide to enjoy the match were attempting to leave as soon as they were able to get access to a portkey. They would only be met with a crowd and a long waiting period, so it was more than likely best to just keep resting. Silas and Neville were curled up near each other, sound asleep as they shared a blanket for the evening, Sirius and Elspeth had kept close to both of them during the night to make sure that both boys slept peacefully. Despite the fact that Neville was older, it seemed that Silas had adopted the attitude of playing as the big brother to the boy, as Cedric stated the night before, Silas had looked after and comforted Neville throughout the time they were stuck in the forest. 

Sirius and Elspeth had fallen asleep, trying to figure out where they were going to even begin when it came to talking to Augusta Longbottom. At least Neville had been kept safe, but they were sure the woman was going to be nothing short of frantic, even if the events of the night were technically out of anyone's control.

Cedric had been the last to fall asleep, even after Minerva and Pomona called it a night. The two women had remained awake for as long as possible, just in case something else came up that evening. Fortunately, the night seemed to settle after all the chaos took place allowing them to get some sleep themselves. Minerva remained close to Milo, mainly because Milo seemed beyond distraught before he had fallen asleep first. Cedric couldn't blame him though, obviously, Artemis had shown him something in the forest that deeply upset him. Something that had to do with the night of the Potters' death in Godric's Hollow. 

With the adults outside of the tent, getting a breakfast together for the boys, Cedric was the first to wake up. Apparently, he had become accustomed to the schedule of working at the Three Broomsticks of going to bed late and waking up early. He didn't feel as tired as he expected himself to be as he made his way over to where Milo was still asleep, resting on his side. Paden didn't leave the boy's side all night, literally, as the bowtruckle was resting in the curvature of Milo's waist. At the sound of Cedric approaching, Paden lifted up his head and let out a little chirp, greeting the other boy a good morning.

Cedric whispered a good morning in return before placing his hand on Milo's shoulder and giving him a gentle shake to wake him up. Only seconds later did Milo lift up one of his hands and place it over Cedric's. 

"I'm awake," his voice called out quietly, but he didn't turn to face Cedric right away. "I've been up for awhile."

His voice was scratchy, it sounded like he had been crying, and it could have been very much the case after the events of the night before.


Milo quickly shook his head and pulled his blanket over him, causing Paden to chirp loudly as he had suddenly been encased in darkness. It was quite obvious that he didn't want to talk about anything, but at the same time, it was probably what he needed to do in order to feel better. Or at least, try and get it off his chest. 

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