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At one point in his life, Harry remembered looking into the Mirror of Erised and when he was given a glimpse at his deepest desires, all he saw was himself surrounded by his family. His parents, his brother, and all those he cared about and more importantly, those that cared about him. For years, while his brother lived off with his own family, Harry was raised in a home of neglect. The people around him, while blood, were not family to the boy. They hated him and it filled Harry with the hope and desperation that one day, he would find people that would love him like he thought his parents loved him.

He confessed to his brother that he had all sorts of dreams of what life would be like if Voldemort had never interfered in their lives. What life would be like if they were raised by their parents, having their godparents with them, and never be faced with the Dark Arts that seemed to plague the family? His brother, Milo, confessed that he had longed for the same thing and it only made Harry wish for it even more. 

Life had been unfair to the Potter family, leaving two boys orphaned one night as their young parents were killed, only to have them be separated. In Harry's mind, he accepted all the blame, everyone had suffered at the hands of Lord Voldemort because of him. Harry had lost his mother, his father, and as they stood in the clearing of the graveyard, he was about to lose his brother when he heard Voldemort call out the Killing Curse. He couldn't let Milo die, he couldn't let more people suffer because of him.

Within a split second of hearing Voldemort call out the curse, Harry pushed himself to act as a shield to the spell in front of his brother. The last thing he saw was the green light reflecting off his brother's glasses before everything fell dark. 

Dying didn't hurt as Harry imagined it would and if anything from all the pain he had suffered through that evening, it almost came as a relief to him in those moments as it was over quickly. When he opened his eyes, he found himself standing in the woods and across from him, he could see his parents, just as he had seen them in the mirror back in his second year. He didn't know what to make of it all as he stood there for a few moments, but suddenly, he was happy.

A mother and father, his mother and father waiting for him.

Within moments, he raced over, launching into a hug with the two and he could feel it. He could feel their hugs and the warmth emitting from the two. There was no other way to describe the feeling of having his parents holding him other than pure happiness. It was enough to render the boy into tears as they held him, greeting him. His mother claimed that he was so brave for what he had done and then it registered in Harry's mind what he had done.

He had left Milo behind. 

He had left his brother behind to grieve over his body, but did Harry want to go back? All he would be faced with was more trouble, Voldemort was back and right now, he had his mother and father before him.

"Milo," he whispered to the two, " what have I done? I left him behind..."

"No, you didn't, sweetheart," Lily reassured him. "You were so brave. You were only trying to protect Milo. He will be fine. There is a lot that we need to go over with you, there is so much that you need to learn before you go back."

"Go back?" Harry uttered out. "I have to go back?"

He had only just gotten in the company of his parents, something he had longed for and while he was concerned about Milo, he didn't want to leave them. He wanted to stay with them.

"He's not ready, Lily," James whispered to her. "He's not ready to head back."

Lily looked puzzled as to what she was supposed to say or do, she had sent Milo back even if they didn't want to part ways, but Harry wasn't Milo and Milo wasn't Harry. They were two very different boys with very different wants and needs. Right now, Harry needed a break from the life of hardship to get him back in the right mindset to make the return. 

She glanced over at James and nodded her head. "We'll take him to the Elysian Fields."

James didn't respond right away, instead, the man was looking off in the distance before his gaze fell upon Harry and then to his wife. He knew that they would not keep Harry's body preserved until the boy was ready to return to his body. The Horcrux was gone, but only little knew about it and Harry wasn't ready to go back. They would presume that he was dead and it would be the loss of the vessel for Harry to return to.

"You take him to the Elysian Fields," James finally told her. Lily's eyes widened and she looked as though she was about to protest but James stopped her. "Our boys need us. Both of them need us right now. Take Harry to the Elysian Fields. I will look after Milo."

Harry glanced back and forth at his parents before his mother eventually gave a nod of her head quietly. She held her hand out for Harry to take, wearing a smile on her face that invited Harry to follow with her. He looked confused as to why James wasn't following them as they began to walk away. But he watched as James transformed into his stag form and disappeared off into the woods behind them.

"Is Dad not coming?" Harry asked his mother.

Lily looked down at him. "No need to worry, Harry. Where we're going, everyone will be there. And they'll all be happy to see you. Everything you ever dreamed of, sweetheart, is waiting for you once we get to the Fields."



Author's Note: And we reach the conclusion of another book and boy, did I wait to bring out all the plot twists until the end. This is exactly why I tell you all not to comment "called it" because I will pull some crazy stunts to make you regret it. Anyways, we have quite the adventure to go because not only do we have one sequel to follow up this storyline, we have TWO. Yup, that's right, you heard me, two sequels.

Milo's adventures with James in his brother's body as they take on Umbridge and Harry's adventure in the Elysian Fields. The Boy-Who-Lived gets to live his life if he wasn't the boy-who-lived, but just regular Harry Potter along with his brother, Milo Potter.

So we will be having loads of fun! This book is over, but please be on the lookout when I post the sequel announcements here. Hope you enjoyed this crazy ride. 

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